HOLR breaks down why Tanner Cook shooting video is trending.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @gk_entert8ment, the accused Alan Colie appeared in court today regarding an incident that took place earlier this year which involved him shooting YouTuber Tanner Cook of the channel, “Classified Goons.”


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Man Shoots Youtuber Dulles

As noted in the TikTok video, Cook was a prankster on YouTube and Colie was a DoorDash driver who was at the mall to pick up food when he was approached by Cook- and a friend- for an unsuspecting prank video. It was argued that Colie was harassed and targeted.

In the viral video that allegedly played in court, Cook, 21, seemingly records Colie on his cellphone while approaching him and following him in a food court at Dulles Towne Center. In the video, Colie steps away from Cook and tells him to stop three times. During this time Colie also pushes the cell phone away from his face. Following this, he pulls out a gun to shoot Cook in the stomach.

Cook was wounded during the encounter and Colie was immediately arrested.

Tanner Cook Shooting Video Update

In the below update video posted by user @nbcwashington, Colie was found not guilty of malicious wounding regarding the shooting of Cook.


A jury on Thursday found a delivery driver not guilty in the shooting of a YouTube prankster who followed him around a mall food court earlier this year in Northern Virginia. Alan Colie, 31, was acquitted of aggravated malicious wounding in the shooting of Tanner Cook, 21, who runs the “Classified Goons” YouTube channel. The jury was split though on two lesser firearms counts, and decided to convict him on one and acquit him on the other. Colie pleaded not guilty and said he was acting in self-defense. Outside court, Cook told News4 he would continue making the prank videos. “We’re gonna continue the videos. It is what it is,” he said. #DC #WashingtonDC #DistrictofColumbia #Virginia #Maryland #DMVnews #pranks #ClassifiedGoons #NoVaTikTok #NoVanews

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In this article, it details how a jury found the 31-year-old not guilty, although it was split on two lesser firearms counts. As a result, the jury decided to convict him on one and acquit him on the other. They did, however, seemingly agree with his self-defense claim.

What do you think about the court case update regarding the incident?

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