Why Did Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Divorce

It’s sad news in Bachelor Nation today as the first Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Wife Theresa Nist have announced their divorce. The couple met on the very first season of the Golden Bachelor, which premiered on ABC on September 28, 2023. The show ended on November 30th, 2023 with Gerry Turner proposing to 70-year-old Theresa Nist. The couple seemed thrilled to start their future together as a married couple and went on to get married in a televised special on January 4, 2024. Now just three months later, Gerry and Theresa have announced that they are getting a divorce.

Golden Bachelor Gerry And Theresa Breakup

Reality Steve did tease in a Podcast this week that there would be news being announced in Bachelor Nation that would upset fans and it’s possible that he may have been speaking about this. He said that he’s known about it for a bit but that it’s not his news to tell. The couple haven’t done any interviews speaking about the breakup yet but they are set to appear on Good Morning America today to reveal what led to their breakup.

Gerry Turner and Theresas Nist Divorce Reason

One of the possible reasons for their divorce could be the distance between them. Theresa and Gerry did not move in together following their marriage and both have continued to live in different states. Long distance can definitely put a strain on relationships so it is possible that the pairs vision for the future and where they want their home base to be did not align.

Where Does Gerry Turner Live?

Gerry Turner currently still lives in Indiana at his lake house that was shown on the Golden Bachelor. While Theresa Nist has continued to live in New Jersey. Gerry and Theresa did previously state that they would like to both move to South Carolina to live together but it looks like the plans went awry as they announced their divorce this week. Theresa was open to moving to South Carolina as her son lives near Charleston but given that she has a career in New Jersey it may have just become to difficult of a move. Gerry was also part of some controversy a few months ago as his long term ex-girlfriend revealed that he allegedly started texting with another woman a month after his wife died. There were also some other discrepancies in his story raised by her, which can be read about here.

This is a developing story that we will update after Gerry and Theresa’s Good Morning America interview.


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