Starting out in the Fashion Industry can be intimidating. There are so many roads you can take, and it can be difficult to get your footing.  Some successful women in the Fashion  Industry have taken to TikTok to help young individuals find themselves and how they can achieve their dreams in the industry. 

To be successful you must make a name for yourself and that takes time and dedication. Knowing the rights and wrongs and how-tos can be confusing and intimidating. There are a few women who have taken to TikTok to help up-and-coming individuals make their dreams come true. 

Abigail Silverman 

Abigail Silverman, @abby.silverman on TikTok, is the Digital Creative Director for  Cosmopolitan. As stated in her BIO she is “The Devil Wears Prada In Real Life”. Abigail takes you on a tour of her life with her TikTok videos. She shares styling tips, where and how to apply for jobs and shares inspiring quotes to help you manifest your dream future. 

Lindsay Albanese 

Lindsay Albanese, @bylindsayalbanese on TikTok, is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, and former Celebrity Stylist. Lindsay gives you the raw, as she puts it, “No BS” life and career advice you need to hear. Lindsay shares industry secrets for styling yourself and others, with step-by-step videos. Lindsay is not afraid to let out all the tips and tricks for looking your best! As an inventor and entrepreneur, she encourages and gives advice on how to start your own business. 

Caroline Vazzana 

The modern-day Carrie Bradshaw, Caroline Vazzana is a Fashion Editor, Stylist and  Author. She goes by @cvazzana on TikTok, and her feed is always serving looks. Much like everyone starting in the Fashion Industry Caroline was unsure of what path she wanted and how to get there. Caroline shares her journey from college, interning at fashion week, landing a job at a publication, to becoming a full-time influencer. Caroline takes you on a fashion trip of a lifetime sharing TikToks of her different experiences.  You will come away from watching her videos feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to follow your dream!

There is an abundance of people wanting to help you achieve your dreams. Using their experience and expertise, these industry experts are here to give you all their tips and tricks!

Published by HOLR Magazine