‘Big Brother’ Couple Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Announce Breakup

Winner of Big Brother season 24, Taylor Hale has just announced her break up with screen partner, Joseph Abdin.

Official Statement

Via Instagram @thetaylormack

“Joseph and I have made the decision to love and support one another as best friends going forward. We recognize this is what’s best for both of our futures at this time. This decision was made with lots of love, care and acknowledgment of how special our relationship is to the both of us.”

Image Credit: Big Brother Network

“We want to thank you for the love and support you’ve shown us while we navigated our relationship from friends, to lovers, and now back to friends. We’ve seen every message about how watching an interracial relationship form impacted you, in spite of the ongoing harassment, and we’re touched by how our love has inspired you.”

“Joseph and I will continue to support each other enthusiastically, and we encourage you to do the same, as you always have.”

“Aint no love lost over here! We will always be part of each other’s lives. Whether platonic or romantic we are, and always be, Jaylor.”

Published By: HOLR Magazine