Who got kicked off Big Brother and why?

Luke Valentine, 30 a reality star has joined the ranks of contestants “expelled” from Big Brother after an on-air racial slur.

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However, is he now Luke Valentine – Illustrator, webcomic, reality star and Racist?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Big Brother has a history of “problematic behaviour,” so is Valentine’s “slip” common among the contestants?

Clearly, the answer is yes. Other incidents over the show’s history, have seen contestants expelled primarily for violent and disruptive behaviour.

CBS and Big Brother producers said, “Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur.”

“He has been removed from the house. His departure will be addressed in Thursday night’s show.”

What led to Luke Valentine being expelled from the house?

Reportedly, Valentine with other members of the house when he dropped the ‘N’ word during the conversation.

Apparently, Cory Wurtenberger, Hisam Goueli and Jared Fields were in the room with Luke when the slur happened.

Luke had said, “I’m in the f—ing cheese room, n—-.” Although, instantly realising what he said, he tried to backtrack by adding “Dude.”

“Anyways, we were in the f—ing cheese room.”

In particular, Cory and Hisam seemed to take extreme offence to the slur.

It’s alleged that Jared replied off camera while laughing, “Yo, you’re off the f—-ing ledge.”

Following the incident after Cory and Hisam left the room, Luke allegedly commented on it to Jared.

“He got more mad about that than you. A little slip of the tongue.”

But, whether or not it was a slip of the tongue, it does indicate Valentine’s mindset, doesn’t it?

Jared, who is Black, responded, “I don’t give a f—.” But was he just trying to save face?

However, Valentine did not seem too concerned one way or the other, when he said, “Well, I’m in trouble now,” “I’ve been in worse trouble.”

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Big Brother cast responds to the Luke Valentine slur and expulsion.

Following the slip, it is reported that Luke did apologise to Jared but also tried to laugh off the situation.

But this is no laughing matter. There is no time- appropriate or otherwise to make a comment like that let alone try to laugh it off as a joke or “slip.”

In the diary room, Jared had tried to explain his non-reaction by saying, “My nonreaction the moment, being the only Black male in this house, I didn’t know what to say.”

He added, “Anything I say or do can come across as wrong or aggressive.”

Not only did Jared try to play off the incident, he said to Luke, “I should have made you feel uncomfortable real quick. Like, ‘Bro, what did you just say?'”

Jared also attempted to address the reactions from Cory and Hisam.

“It’s so funny to me. In situations that should be uncomfortable for a Black man, why do other people get more uncomfortable? They probably thought I was going to respond a certain way.”

luke valentine big brother

Credit Image: Big Brother/ CBS

Luke Valentine dismissal and subsequent denials from Cory and Hisam.

Subsequently, Head of Household Reilly Smedley read a message from producers.

“Due to violating the Big Brother code of conduct by using a racial slur, Luke has been removed from the house and will no longer be participating in the Big Brother game.”

After the message was read, Jared had tried to explain to the house what had happened.

However, both Hisam and Cory flat out denied that they heard it or were even part of the conversation.

But, to Jared’s credit he showed compassion and logic in his view of Luke’s behaviour.

“I’ve had friends like Luke in the past. It’s weird to have that conversation. That’s why I didn’t tell anybody. I don’t associate ignorance with malice.”

He concluded by wishing his former housemate the best and hopes Luke took a lesson from all of this.

“It’s hard trying to help people understand where you’re coming from, especially being the only Black male in this house,” he added. “With that being said, Luke, I hope for you the best and I just really do hope it was a learning situation for you.”


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