Luke Valentine Explains His Reasoning For Saying The N-Word And Believes CBS Was “Wrong” To Evict Him

Luke Valentine in the Big Brother house apologizing for his use of the N-word

Credit: Big Brother/ CBS

Luke Valentine removed from Big Brother

Earlier in this season of Big Brother contestant, Luke Valentine was disqualified by CBS for using the N-word (a racial slur against the black community). Now that he has returned home, Valentine has taken to social media to express his reaction to his eviction and explain his reasoning for using the N-word.

He answered fans’ questions directly in an Instagram Live saying he had a “pretty clear” explanation for his words. He clarified that his use of the N-word was simply because he was suffering from “sleep deprivation” and “malnutrition”.

He added that people “don’t really take into account the psychological distress of being under studio lighting 24/7 and not knowing who your friends are, who your enemies are”. According to Valentine he was “too radioactive for them [the cast and production]”.

He expressed his regret, but says “What happened, happened” comparing his language to “middle school” talk. He believes that there was obviously “no ill intent” or “malice” behind his words and that”it happened for a reason”.

The full cast of season 25 of Big Brother posing happily for a picture by the pool in the backyard of the Big Brother House.

Credit: Big Brother / CBS

Despite portraying that he is unbothered, his reaction to his eviction seems somewhat bitter. He stated that CBS and Big Brother producers made the “wrong decision” by evicting him and that he thinks “a slap on the wrist would have been a much better thing [response]”. Though, he says he “understands” he was evicted, because “production’s hands were tied” and “They had to make a sacrifice”, but he holds no malice towards those behind the decision.

He expressed his thanks for those supporting him during this, saying “There’s two kinds of people: the people who think I should be drawn and quartered, and the people who say, ‘He made a mistake, but the punishment didn’t fit the crime.’ And I’m thankful for those people.”

His ‘apology’ is not being taking kindly. One user commented on his stream, “You do realize hundreds of people have gone through more days in the house than you & none of them have said a racial slur?”. Another added, “being stressed out is not an excuse to be racist. are you really this dense?”

It seems that Valentine has only made things worse for himself with this statement.

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