“Tell Me Lies” is a Hulu original show that has been attracting many viewers ever since its release date of September 7, 2022, on Disney+ and Hulu. 

Emma Roberts has hopped on this project and became one of its executive producers! “Tell Me Lies” was originally a New York Times bestseller written by Carola Lovering. Although the show is newly released, a lot has happened in the first four episodes, the show is going to be dropping a new episode every Wednesday up until October 20th to conclude season 1. To say the least, “Tell Me Lies” has everybody hooked from the intoxicating relationship dynamics of the characters to the relatable dilemmas that the characters face. The show has a nostalgic 2007 college background which is a fitting setting for the troubles that these youth face.

Love the way you lie

Love the way you lie season 1 episode 1

Image Credit: Tell Me Lies on Disney Plus

One of the main romance plots that the show follows is of Lucy and Stephen. When Stephen lays eyes on Lucy, he is immediately intrigued and proceeds with his pursuit. The only problem is that Stephen is never honest with Lucy, he pillow talks to her to get what he wants and puts her through a manipulative cycle with his lies. Lucy has never been in love before and starts falling for Stephen, the tension is real and audiences love to see how their steamy dynamic plays out throughout the series!

In it Together

Hulu's Tell Me Lies

Image Credit: Tell Me Lies on Disney Plus

The show follows freshmen and juniors in college, with most of the girls being freshmen and the guys being juniors. The college setting lets viewers experience a true college journey throughout the series as the characters have dorms, roommates, college parties, classes and professors! They learn how to live a balanced, yet somewhat messy lifestyle to survive college and get their degree. 

Not only that but the show is set in 2007 and fast forward to some future scenes 6 years later and the gang is still tight! The girls met when Lucy became roommates with Macy while Bree and Pipa were next door. Macy has an accident and this seems to be one of the leading plots of the show because not only is Macy well acquainted with people more than we thought but the story of what happened on the day of her accident has some missing pieces. The girls are real friends and grow stronger from this experience!

The Other Girl

Tell Me Lies, Hulu original series

Image Credit: Tell Me Lies on Disney plus

Later on in the show, Diana is introduced and turns out to be Stephen’s not-so-ex-girlfriend. It becomes apparent that Diana is still in the picture and Stephen is trying to win her back while also trying to start a relationship with Lucy. Why did they break up? Take a wild guess! Stephen got caught cheating on Diana. Stephen shows a narcissistic personality and it looks like his lies will catch up to him very soon, as he tangled both of these girls in it! When Lucy learns that Diana is Stephen’s ex-girlfriend, like any other girl, she stalks the ex on social media. She also grows a bit of jealousy towards her because she thinks she is perfect and compares herself to her. As we are only on episode 4, the truth has not come to light yet, but like any great drama series, that climax (when it does happen) is going to be an entertaining and spectacular one!

“Tell Me Lies” covers the things that many youths can relate to. It also covers the personality of Stephen in a true light which is great because it puts these types of dangerous people in a different perspective, where we can see and even count how many lies they tell. Lucy is not the only girl that has encountered a Stephen in their life; which is why many viewers can relate this character to their real life! 

Most of all, the entertainment of this series is addictive and anyone watching it must mark their calendar for Wednesdays as this is when the new episodes drop!

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