Thanking others is usually a sign of indebtedness of benefiting from their actions, and of expressing our gratitude. 

Showing gratitude is sometimes a requirement or an expected thing but sometimes an unexpected “thank you” can make an individual’s day. In most cases, gratitude is shown to bring good feelings and appreciation to our benefactors, while it is admirable to share our gratitude, we rarely stop to think about what it does for us. We benefit quite a bit from it in terms of our mental health.

Seeing the benefits of expressing gratitude, the next question here is how to integrate gratitude into our daily life. It can be achieved by constantly identifying and expressing what you have grateful for daily, this can be difficult to achieve but the following steps/ways make it easier to achieve:

  • Gratitude as a Habit: Build and Incorporate gratitude as a habit in your day-to-day activities such as simply thinking about what you are grateful for in your life before taking your first coffee for the day or it can be the first thing you think about when you wake up. Your sense of gratitude will naturally increase as you practice it more frequently.
  • Be Specific: The temptation is there to be thankful for the same things every day: family, friends, etc. So, be specific about what you are grateful for. To be more specific, think about not only what you’re thankful for but why you’re grateful for it at that time. 
  • Keep A Gratitude Journal: An easy and popular way of practicing gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. It is intended to help you recall 3-5 things for which you should be grateful during the day, few days, or a week. In this way, you focus on all the positive things that happened to you during a particular period.


  • Giving Back/Charity: You can show your appreciation and benefit your community by giving back to organizations or causes that are meaningful to you. Try to find an organization whose mission resonates with what you’re passionate about or thankful for.


With these few steps applied, our daily lives will be full of a lot of gratitude and appreciation from ourselves and others as I am grateful to be able to write this article, grateful to those who took the time to read this piece. So, what are you grateful for?