While fermentation isn’t exactly a new concept, many people are just now raving about the benefits these certain skin products possess. In Korea, many people consider it as the heart of skin care because they contain concentrated and powerful natural ingredients.

By applying the same principle utilized in food preparation, fermented skin care products are able to provide similar benefits to the skin that ordinary products like Cosrx cannot.

Some of the most heavily consumed food and beverages undergo fermentation to provide that distinct flavor many of us came to know and love. Some of these include kimchi, kombucha, wine, and certain kinds of cheese. These food and drink sources also contain added nutrients which provide the body with amazing health benefits. During preparation, makers add extra microorganisms like yeast, enzymes, and probiotics which is what fermentation is all about.

Here are some benefits of fermented skin care products:


They provide easy absorption

Fermented skin care products undergo a special process that involves adding microorganisms or probiotics into effective ingredients. It results in a more potent and concentrated substance which makes it easier for the skin to absorb. Many people who use fermented skin care products often note how quick the results are because these products provide a deeper or more-in depth solution that repairs the skin from the inside-out.


Minimizes redness

Fermented products make use of ingredients which reduces the need to add chemicals and other artificial ingredients. This makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin as they are most likely prone to redness and itchiness. As a product that boosts various nutrients, several of these products also contain natural anti-inflammatory properties. While they are generally safe, people with extremely sensitive skin may need to consult with their dermatologist first before making a purchase.


Offers anti-ageing benefits

Fermented skincare products contain antioxidants that offer the skin a natural defense against ageing. Many of which also encourages the regeneration of collagen, a compound responsible in making our skin firm and elastic. As an added bonus, people who use fermented skin care may apply SPF products after to give their skin a barrier against harmful UV rays which is the number one culprit in speeding up the ageing process.


Balances out uneven skin tones

Dull, lifeless skin with uneven tones may be a cause of poor circulation caused by environmental pollution. Free radicals are usually found in such pollution and can cause premature ageing. Using fermented skincare products can reverse the effects that pollution brings by offering antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Additionally, these components also include brightening effects which reverses the dull effects that harmful toxins cause resulting in fairer and more radiant looking skin.


Contains natural ingredients

Many experts make use of organic ingredients which reduces the need to add preservatives and chemicals into the formula. This makes it a great alternative for people who are looking for healthier and more environmentally responsible products. Many of these ingredients are readily available which include rice wine, kelp, plant oils, teas, and wines.


Research its compatibility with your needs

While fermented products are effective there are certain precautions one must take if they are willing to try these products. One is that fermented products often come with a pungent smell that may turn off some people. Another is that they expire easily since many of these products do not contain harmful preservatives. If you are still interested, consider researching some of these ingredients and what benefits they provide to the body.


You can also read up on reviews by users to see whether or not they are actually worth trying out. During shopping, don’t forget to do a quick skin patch test to see if there are any signs of irritability. People with sensitive skin types may need to consult with their doctor first, just in case they have any reservations about certain products.

As an added bonus, it is best to use SPF products along with fermented skin care so one can take advantage of the numerous anti-ageing benefits it provides. For a more in-depth solution, include some fermented food sources and drinks into your diet so your entire body can make use of the numerous vitamins and nutrients it provide. Considering that most skin care products can only touch the surface, people who want a more natural and organic way in fighting against ageing must take added steps to make sure their bodies are taken care of.


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