Thirteen years ago fashion history was made when movie-watchers everywhere were blessed with the spectacle that is The Devil Wears Prada.

The movie had all of us dreaming about one day becoming a big-time editor like Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), or starting out as an assistant like Anne Hathaway’s character Andy Sachs (maybe sans the devilish boss). One big takeaway is all the fashion inspo the movie delivered. Coats, belts, hats, shoes— there was so much outfit inspiration to unpack. So, for your reading pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of the best fashion lessons we learned from The Devil Wears Prada.

You can never go wrong with black

Remember that iconic moment when Andy, Emily and Miranda all turn up at Runway’s gala dressed in long black gowns like some sort of extremely fashionable coven? The moment is all the evidence you need that a black ensemble always impresses. 

slip dress

The Fifth Label Tonic Cowl Neck Slip Dress, $124

A slinky, classic slip dress is a must have for any wardrobe.

cocktail dress

Dress the Population Louisa Butterfly Sleeve Cocktail Dress, $259.39

Wear this to weddings, cocktail parties and just about everything else. 

little black dress

Aritzia Wilfred Novella Dress, $148

The cut and neck of this dress is very romantic, but the mini length keeps it fun. 

A tailored coat is a need, not a want

Possibly the movie’s most iconic scene comes when Andy, fresh from her zero-to-glam makeover care of Runway colleague Nigel, steps out in a montage of new outfits— all of which include an extremely well-tailored coat.

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fur collar coat

Aritzia Wilfred Waldorf Wool Coat, $450

Yes, this is the coat of your dreams. 

white coat

H&M Knee-Length Coat, $109

A lavish-looking coat that won’t break the bank? Yes please. 

checkered coat

Reformation York Coat, $505

Opt for a checkered pattern for a super classic look. 

Knee high boots are your friend

Remember the iconic fashion moment came when Emily, the upper-level assistant to Miranda whose old job Andy filled, notices Andy’s new look? In walks Andy in head-to-toe Chanel and Emily is flabbergasted. “Are you wearing…” “The Chanel boots? Yup.” Enough said. 

leather boots

Vagabond Shoemakers Nicole Knee-High Boot, $340

Can’t go wrong with a classic pair.

over the knee boots

Steve Madden Domain Thigh High Boot, $155

They may not be the Chanel boots, but they’re still pretty chic. 

sock boot

Zara Low Heeled Sock Boots

The lug sole makes the knee-high boot trend feel so fresh.

Suiting is in (and likely here to stay)

Emily and Miranda both prove on multiple occasions that suiting (read: pantsuits, blazers and vests) is a style staple for the stylish working woman (or any person, really).


River Island Boucle Blazer, $110.54

An easy way to add polish to any look.


Aritzia Babaton Blazer Vest, $198

Wear this as a layered vest, as a tunic with tights, or as a mini dress. 

leather blazer

UO Faux Leather Cropped Blazer, $144

Make suiting a bit edgier by opting for a cropped fit and leather finish. 

The biggest fashion lesson from the movie? The best way to dress is, well, like yourself (and florals for spring are definitely not groundbreaking!). 


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