The locations of “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon” remain magnificent no matter the season. Add these sights to your travel list to see the breathtaking places in real life!

Since the “Game of Thrones” prequel series “House of the Dragon” came out on HBO in August of this year, the spin-off has become one of the most talked about shows yet again! Fans love how this show successfully transports them to the continent of Westeros, a fantasy land, pre-medieval era! You too can see the real thing by visiting our top-pick filming locations!

Beyond the wall

Location: Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland

Beyond the wall. Used for season 6 and 7. Location: Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland

Image Credit: Trip Advisor, photo submitted by Aurora Borealis

This is the Northernmost region of Westeros, here is where “the wildings” reside as this is also the most uncharted region of Westeros. Kirkjufell mountain is one of the most popular mountains in Iceland and features multiple natural waterfalls. The sight is simply majestic and visiting here would be the perfect way to greet mother nature by appreciating the natural beauty that it offers us in the world!

Dragstone Beach

Location: Itzurun Beach, Spain

Dragstone Beach. Location: Itzurun Beach, Spain

Trip Advisor, photo submitted by Albert Dominguez

This beach is recognized when Daenerys Targaryen lands a return with her army in the show. Catch this site in real life to see the huge cliffs and limestone walls that reach 150m of slope! The beach is very long and is perfect for water activity lovers. Sightseeing on this beach is an amazing and unforgettable experience!

Daenerys’ Desert Captivity

Location: Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, Arguedas, Spain

Daenerys' Desert Captivity Location: Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, Arguedas, Spain

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Inigo Cia

Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve was used as a filming location for season 6. The semi-desert landscape of cliffs and hills runs for 41,845 hectares. This ginormous park is definitely a full-day excursion! It is certainly worth it as the landscapes and nature on this reserve are truly one of a kind.

King’s Landing (House of the Dragon)

Location: Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

King’s Landing (House of the Dragon). Location: Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Leonid Andronov

The city used for the King’s Landing in “House of the Dragon” is a walled city in Spain. The cobblestone streets fill the village alongside the gothic and renaissance architecture. To see the city used in the series, stop by Plascencia and indulge in the rich culture of this traditional Spanish village.

House of Velaryon (House of the Dragon)

Location: St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England

House of Velaryon (House of the Dragon). St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England

Image Credit: Getty Images, photographed by Maciej Olszewski

This castle is used as the castle Driftmark in “House of the Dragon.” The site in real life is a medieval-era church that is surrounded by a small community on an island called Marazion. Taking your travels here will assure you an exclusive experience as the community and the historical church do not compare to what is on the mainland! This off-shore destination is a must!

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