Canada may be its own country, but our neighbour below has a lot of influence on our people rather than our government. Many Canadians wished they could vote in the US election because they know the repercussions that the American government has on our country and its people. 

What many people do not understand is that Canada and the US are like family, whatever one country does, it affects the other. So, as this election rolled around many Canadians realized that we could or couldn’t be in jeopardy based on the decisions the citizens below us made. 

Yes, politics is a slippery slope, but no matter who was voted into the presidency, America and the rest of the world was headed into a big change. 

The world around us is changing, like always. But, it is the idea that it is changing because of the governments our countries are run by. The US is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world and can be considered a leader among many others. 

The changes made by the Trump administration over the last four years have changed America into the well-oiled machine that it once was. Creating jobs, lowering crime and poverty, strengthening economic relations with other countries and boosting healthcare are all changes that benefited America and Canada. 

This is something that benefitted Canada in so many ways. It strengthened our economical capabilities as a country. It created a trading relationship that was fair and equal. It also changed the idea of travel and tourism throughout both Canada and the US, allowing for more of an economical boost between the economies for citizens to travel and enjoy their neighbouring country. 

As many citizens heard or even saw the changes happening in these two countries, many didn’t believe the effects each other had on one another. Canada’s relationship with America has gotten stronger, showing that there is strength when there is more riding on the other back. 

Canadian citizens have come to appreciate the relationship with the United States and hope that with this election, the choices that the American public has made will be beneficial for themselves and for Canada.