The fusion of slavic, germanic and latin culture all rests in the hub of Slovenia – an outdoor adventurer’s dream brimming with a one-of-a-kind culture and an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages.

Located between the balkan peninsula, southern europe and central europe, this lesser known country is an excellent travel destination for anyone who likes being outdoors. With nearly a 1000 castles and 2500 churches this endlessly picturesque landscape offers an instagramable journey in a land where english is understood throughout the country.

Physical Geography:

Known as the sunny side of the alps, Slovenia is situated uniquely on the continent which provides the country with a plethora of interesting features. With hundreds of ridges, sinkholes, towers and caves Slovenia is speckled with picturesque sites. With 10% of the country being national parks, Slovenia can provide you with a mountain, alpine, woodland, cave, experiences alongside their numerous thermal spas and beaches, no wonder so many scenes from Narnia were filmed here!


Outdoor sports is where it’s at in Slovenia with a variety of activities that you must try. With all the amazingly picturesque landscapes it’s a no-brainer mountaineering or hiking is very popular and a must if you travel here. With all those mountains it also makes sense why skiing is super popular too – so popular every elementary school teaches skiing to the kids in Slovenia. Lastly, cycling is a common pastime and the terrain of Slovenia makes some of the best cycling terrains in the world. You may also encounter some street basketball or handball games, but maybe best not to try your luck as for a small country they have one of the best international teams for those sports.


Slovenia truly is a unique culture surrounded by the three largest European culture groups, which becomes evident in their vast alcoholic selection. Being home to thousands of microbreweries and roughly one vineyard per 70 people, Slovenia shows off their love of alcohol by having the world’s only public access beer fountain. With Latin in the wine, germanic in the beer, and Slavic in their schnapps, Slovenia loves alcohol. This becomes apparent in their 3-day wine parties celebrating a child’s birth where the father gets soaked in wine to their many festivals, one being 11 days long! The country also boasts having the best honey, with one beekeeper for every 200 people, the country finds ways to bring honey into many of their meals and sweets. Slovenia has been a place of fascinating culture for centuries, having the oldest known wheel, 50 000-year-old flutes and the oldest vineyard in the world. 

Slovenia is said to be a Slavic country with its head in Austria and its feet in Italy, with a truly unique culture and picturesque views wherever you go, Slovenia is a must-see travel destination.

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