While having newfound time on our hands, testing beauty products has become all the rave. Looking for an effective solution for those who struggle with hair growth can be a challenging task. Finding products that fall under the clean beauty category has become a growing trend for shoppers as we become exposed to the fact that many beauty products are created using potentially harmful ingredients. Vegamour is a clean beauty brand that has gained critical acclaim for its plant-based formulas and fast-acting hair growth serum. 

Clean beauty is a term used to describe beauty products that are created using ethically sourced natural ingredients, clear of toxic additives. With a rising concern of ethics in the beauty industry, Vegamour demonstrates the feasibility of creating effective beauty products using sustainably sourced ingredients. Going above and beyond, Vegamour has taken several initiatives to ensure all individuals involved in their supply chain are treated fairly, creating a progressive impact on developing communities. One of its efforts includes partnering with sister company, Southern Botanica, to empower over 5000 women financially, through developing a fairtrade partnership. Devoted to bringing awareness to the possibilities brought on by plant-based products, Vegamour proves to be an agent of change in an industry whose need to evolve is long overdue. 

The Volumizing Hair Serum by Vegamour has shown impressive results, even claiming to reduce hair loss by up to 76% after four months. Using plant-based ingredients, like curcumin, mung bean, and red clover, Vegamour created a serum that stimulates hair follicles, allowing hair to grow longer, thicker, and healthier. The use of plant-based ingredients eliminates the possibility of damaging side effects and harsh chemicals, making this product a viable option for all skin types. The serum’s effectiveness is credited to targeting the roots, allowing the serum’s powerful properties to create a long-lasting effect on the user’s hair. 

As concerns of what resources fuel the beauty industry rise, it is initiatives like Vegamour’s that give hope for a sustainable future. Through fairtrade efforts and result-proven products, Vegamour has found a way to have a positive impact on many around the world. Vegamour has shown to be a sustainable brand that follows a strict set of ethical guidelines, making it an ideal destination for shoppers. As consumers, we must take responsibility for researching how products impact the environment. The leadership demonstrated by Vegamour in a shifting industry, further establishes the brand as an authentic organization, committed to the betterment of society as a whole. If you are looking to support a brand that has strong ethical standards, Vegamour is the perfect destination for all things beauty.