It’s time to get hydrated and I’m not talking about water.

Photo Credit: Buttrmlk

Are your hands dry and irritated from the gallons of hand sanitizer you dump on them daily? Is your drugstore moisturizer leaving you progressively more ashy with every use? Sounds like you need a little buttr! 

Black female-owned skincare brand, Buttrmilk, is founded by dancer, creative director and entrepreneur Vania Requel. Buttrmlk launched on March 5th with four products, the lip fix, whipped body buttr, all purpose balm and Buttrmlk biscuit. As soon as the products touch your skin they melt with ease, producing an effortless application that leaves nothing but dewy skin behind.

Clean Beauty

Photo Credit: Buttrmlk

At the foundation of every product is Buttrmlk’s primary ingredient, shea butter. Shea butter is comprised of a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins A and E. Meaning you can use it as a long-lasting moisturizer as well as a treatment to reduce the look of scars and ageing. With zero chemical irritants, shea is safe for all skin types, even acne as it’s non-comedogenic.

Vania has a long history using shea as it’s been used in her family for decades and is native to her mother’s birthplace, Ghana. Vania takes pride in hand making each product, making sure the shea shines alongside aromatic scents and meticulous formulas. “Raw shea isn’t for everyone so I wanted to remix a tried and true classic with modern scents and formulas”, says Vania.


Photo Credit: Buttrmlk

But hydrating isn’t the only important step to healthy and glowing skin that Buttrmilk takes pride in. For silky soft skin, you can’t forget to exfoliate and Buttrmlks’ Buttrmlk biscuit has got you covered. The biscuit is a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and biodegradable all-natural sea soap sponge that can be used in the shower or bathtub. Exfoliation is essential for healthy looking skin as it removes dead skin cells helping to preventing body breakouts and uneven texture. Be sure to follow up with the body buttr as exfoliation leaves your skin more receptive to products providing even more illustrious hydration.