In a world where many makeup brushes and makeup brush sets exist, it can be difficult to choose the right ones that’ll work for your face. Varying in shape, material, density and length, we’ve always thought the more choices the better, but it can make forming decisions that much harder. Talk about first world problems!

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I never used to be a makeup pro. It took me a while to learn how to do my makeup. During this time I’d wonder why my contour looked so muddy, or why it looked like I got punched in both eyes. I mean, how do these YouTubers make it look so easy? Through trial and error I learned that makeup brushes can really make or break a makeup application. There’s no need to splurge on a hundred brushes. All you need is a handful of staple brushes!


1)SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Airbrush #56, $42.00 CAD

This brush is so fluffy and soft – it’s wonderful for applying foundation and tinted moisturizer. It blends like a dream and leaves no streaks! Great for building coverage as well.


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Everyone needs a Beautyblender in their life. I love using this sponge with concealer to brighten up my complexion. You can also use the Beautyblender for applying foundation for a more natural finish, to blend out your cream contour, or you can use it to apply powder for “baking”. The sponge must be damp in order for it to work its magic. 



3) E.L.F. Precision Powder Brush, $12.00 CAD

This plush powder brush is great for applying loose or pressed powder to the face. The size is also perfect – not too big or small.



4) MAKE UP FOR EVER 160 Blush Brush, $58.00 CAD

Although it’s supposed to be a blush brush, I love to use this brush for powder contour. This brush has a tapered point, so holding the brush on an angle, you can really get the contour colour into your cheek bones for that chiseled look. You can also use it to add contour to your forehead and jawline. 



5) REAL TECHNIQUES Blush Brush, $12.99 CAD 

Another fluffy and soft brush, this blush brush is perfect for adding colour onto the apple of your cheeks. Plus, it holds up very well overtime!



6) REAL TECHNIQUES Setting Brush, $8.99 CAD

This setting brush is perfect for dusting excess product off the face or adding powder to smaller areas of the face. It’s great as one of the final steps to your makeup application. 


7) BECCA Angled Highlighting Brush, $36.56 CAD

For a full-on glam look, this fluffy angled brush is what you need to pack on that highlighter. Use this with BECCA’s “Champagne Pop” and you’ll be glowing for the Gods.



8) MAKE UP FOR EVER 120 Medium Powder Fan Brush, $41.00 CAD

If you’re not into strongly highlighting your face, this fan brush is for you. Perfect for everyday wear, use this fan brush to lightly dust on your highlighter. 



9) REAL TECHNIQUES Eye Shade + Blend, $14.99 CAD

This affordable eye brush duo is a staple. The fluffy base shadow brush is perfect for adding colour onto your lids. As for the deluxe crease brush, I find that it works well for adding cream eyeshadow onto your lids (synthetic brushes work well with cream products). I also like to use it for blending out my nose contour.


10) SEPHORA PRO Small Shadow Brush #15, $24.00 CAD

This small shadow brush works well when it comes to smoking out eyeshadow or softening eyeliner. 



11) SEPHORA PRO Blending Brush #27, $29.00 CAD

Blending out eyeshadow is a must. Diffuse those harsh lines and blend your eyeshadow like a dream with this brush. The tip of this brush is not as dense so it makes blending a whole lot easier.



12) MAC 224S Tapered Blending Brush, $39.00 CAD

I personally like this tapered blending brush for blending out my crease colour. It’s also great for applying brow bone colour and highlighter onto your nose. 



13) SEPHORA PRO Shader Brush #18, $24.00 CAD

Small but mighty, this small shader brush is great for detailing and adding shadow onto your bottom lash line.



This brush works well with both powder and pomade products. There’s also a spoolie attached on the other end to brush out your brows and help diffuse product if needed.



15) SEPHORA PRO Lip Brush #85, $21.00 CAD

Ever applied lipstick straight from the bullet and found that it’s tough to perfectly fill out the shape of your lip? This lip brush offers the control and precision that you need. It also comes with a protective cap so you can take it anywhere with you – zero mess!


So there we have it, the makeup brushes you need for flawless application! Makeup brushes are an investment. Buying the right ones will not only last you a long time, but they’ll make applying makeup a lot easier and fun!

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