Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and plan a trip to the Amazon Rainforest for the most serene off-the-grid adventure.

Tourist at the Amazon

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A getaway to the expansive Amazon rainforest is the trip of a lifetime for nature lovers to see wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The Amazon covers nine South American countries from Brazil to Colombia and is the world’s biggest rainforest. Keep reading to find out HOLR Magazine’s must-do essentials at the Amazon this summer.

Amazon River Cruise 

Amazon River Cruise

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Set your sights on a scenic cruise through the Amazon river! This cruise is a top selection for tourists to explore the tropical rainforest and wildlife with comfort. It offers spacious lounge areas for guests, gorgeous views, lively upper deck, and expert guides to provide answers to any questions about the Amazon. One guest on the 3 Days Amazon Jungle Adventure Tour described the experience as the “highlight of their trip” and another said, “if you are looking for something exciting and adventurous, you shouldn’t miss this one. It is the best experience of Amazon, and really wonderful.”

National Parks and Wildlife Reserves 

Squirrel monkey

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Of course, a trip to the Amazon wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the rainforest’s national parks and wildlife reserves! According to the WWF, there are millions of wildlife species at the Amazon with 40,000 plants, 2,400 fish, and more than 370 different types of reptiles. The parks and reserves provide the perfect opportunity for visitors to discover the untouched diversity of the rainforest in one of the most remote places in the world.

Glamping at a Jungle Lodge

Glamping at a Jungle Lodge

Image Credit: Yachana Lodge, Ecuador / Expedia.com

Glamping at the Amazon is a top-rated experience by travelers! This style of camping allows visitors to truly experience the beauty of the Amazon in treehouses and cabins along with many fun activities. Experience all that the Amazon has to offer by stargazing, going on night safaris, taking trips to Indigenous communities, and partaking in many more immersive activities.

Manatee Rescue Center

Manatee Rescue Center

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The manatee’s have been listed as ‘vulnerable’ species, and the Amazonian rescue centers work to rescue these aquatic mammals and then release them when they’ve reached adulthood. These creatures are often regarded as sweet and gentle, and a trip to the rescue center is a great way to learn all about them! 

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