Are you looking to buy a second home?

Home interiorA second home can improve your life in many ways by giving you somewhere that you can easily escape to throughout the year whenever you wish. Not only this, but property will always be a good investment and you could even rent out the property when not in use. Of course, you will want to choose a beautiful location and there are many great places around the world to consider.

Vista Global’s Leona Qi recently commented how more clients are now using chartered jets to travel to remote locations with their family. With this in mind, let’s take a look at where your next home could be.

Santiago, Chile

Chile is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth with over 6,000km of coastline and a diverse landscape with beautiful hills and mountain ranges. The capital of Santiago is the perfect place for a second home as a lively city with an old colonial core and surrounded by the stunning Andes mountains.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland city - home

Since the pandemic, Auckland was voted the “most liveable place” in the world and it could be the perfect location for a second home. It is a hub of culture with a thriving food and drink scene, music and live entertainment and is based around 2 large harbours, so you will also benefit from being by the water. Of course, New Zealand is somewhere with breathtaking natural beauty, so you will also be well-positioned to get out and explore each day.

Milan, ItalyMilan city - home

Those that like art and culture will feel at home in Milan, which is a global hub for fashion, shopping, art, architecture and culture in general. You will also benefit from Italy’s beautiful climate, easy flights from the UK and a lower cost of living compared to Europe’s other major cities.

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo - Home

Those looking to embrace a totally different culture and find a home that would truly allow you to escape should seriously consider Kyoto in Japan. Here you will find jaw-dropping scenery, including cherry blossoms, Buddhist temples, wooden houses and palaces to explore. Kyoto was once the capital of Japan but is now a much more peaceful city that would be the ideal place for a second home.

Those looking for a second home should seriously consider the above destinations. Having a second home can enrich your life in many ways and allow you to easily enjoy lengthy vacations at any time throughout the year, plus they can also be a smart financial investment. The above are a few places that could provide the perfect escape from your life and allow you to indulge in the luxuries of a second home in a different country.

Published by HOLR Magazine.