Thigh Society on allowing you the freedom to wear what you want and being comfortable in your own skin.

In the society we live with social media models and influencers, it can be difficult to feel body positive. This is especially the case when we believe in society’s perception of what the ideal body type is. Nevertheless, it is time to normalize our imperfections and be confident within ourselves. Thigh Society is a size-inclusive slip short brand projecting the importance of loving your body, specifically your thighs whilst preventing skin-chafing.

The slip short brand has been around since 2009 with the aim to: “to normalize this common skin rash while helping women love their thighs at any size.” The brand has been recognized worldwide for its “fabric and construction, signature fit and inclusive sizing”. Skin chafing is a common skin condition that can leave the skin irritated especially around the thighs. However, Thigh Society has created and perfected products to eradicate irritation. The brand has recently added two new products to its line-up of anti-chafe wear: The Cotton and The Staple. They are designed to be “breathable, lightweight, and ultra-stretchy”.

The products that they provide are protective and comfortable as well as stylish; comparable to the biker-shorts that are currently in trend. Thigh Society is additionally all bodies inclusive with their range suitable for sizes from XS to 6X; further reinforcing the brand’s message of supporting all shapes and sizes. Although a winter-wardrobe staple, the products are perfect for all seasons. They can be worn with oversized hoodies for that biker-short grunge look, under a maxi or under jeans for extra warmth during the winter. Their main purpose is to ensure that you are always feeling comfortable in your skin.

They promise that their “slip shorts will never rub you the wrong way!”

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