Managing office space can be difficult in the beginning. Sometimes when you are just starting out, office clutter is inevitable. However, there are ways to help manage your office space and have a clutter-free office! Below are some tips on how to better manage yours for a more productive day.

Get rid of any clutter that is not necessary

You have to get rid of any office clutter that is not necessary. This includes everything from office decor to office supplies and work files. These are all things you should try to get rid of or at least organize them properly so that your office looks cleaner, more spacious, and effective for getting through the day’s tasks.

If you have a lot of office decorations, it can be difficult to keep your office clean at all times. You can try removing some of these or using them in a way that they will not get in the way when you are working.

For example, if you have too many office supplies and other items on your desk, it might be best to put them away so there is less clutter on your office desk. You can use cabinets and shelves for office supplies so you have more space on the office desk to work with.

Rent a storage unit to put the unnecessary things in 

A storage unit can be a very useful tool for office management. It can help an office stay clutter-free and efficiently run day-to-day operations.

The first step is to make a list of the office items that are not often used but are still considered as necessary equipment for office work such as printers or fax machines. Make sure it’s large enough so all your office equipment will fit inside and label each box accordingly with what room they should go back in once taken out again later on if needed. 

There are lots of different units with a wide price range all around Lion City. That’s why you should look up Singapore storage prices before renting to see which fits you best. Of course, the price isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about. Here’s a list of factors you need to consider when renting storage space for your office:


  • convenience 
  • office access hours 
  • insurance coverage 
  • size 
  • price 
  • security 
  • location

Create a designated area for everything

A designated area for office supplies, desk space, and other work-related items is important to have a clutter-free office. Creating one for each thing around the office will help create an organized office where you can easily find all necessary items when needed.

You can store books, pens, pencils, office supplies, office gadgets, laptops on a designated shelf. You can also place office-related items in the drawers of your desk.

You should store different types of files into separate cabinets around the office instead of just throwing everything together because this will help keep track better if something is missing or being misplaced all together which could cause unnecessary stress down the line at work. 

Keep your desk organized with drawers or shelves to hold items 

An organized desk is a productive one. People are more productive in an office when their desk is clean and organized. The same principle applies to the office space itself. An office with a cluttered desk or room will be difficult for everyone who uses it, including you. 

Make sure everything is always in its place by using either drawers or shelves to hold office supplies and paperwork. That way, nothing will be lost and you’ll know where to find it when you need it. Avoid having office supplies and paperwork strewn all across your desk because that can create an even bigger mess for future office workers or yourself.

Throw away all the trash you accumulate throughout the day

All the trash that accumulates throughout the office or workspace can get in your way and make it hard to focus on work. The best thing you can do is throw away all of that trash when you’re done with each task. This will help ensure a clutter-free office and allow for better organization.


If there’s not enough space around your desk, try throwing away trash in another office or in a separate room. You can always have an office-wide clean-up, but throwing away the trash immediately will help you get started on your next task quickly and efficiently.

Clean up after yourself

If you always clean up after yourself, you will not only keep the office clean but also make it easier for everyone else to do their jobs. You never know when someone needs to find something they’ve previously misplaced or if there is trash that has built up over time on your desk and in the office area.

A clean office is a busy one, so ensuring everything is clean can just benefit all the workers. Make sure you get rid of everything unnecessary and put it all in a storage unit. Have a designated area for everything around the office and make sure the desk is. Finally, throw your trash away and clean up after yourself. The productivity will rise enormously after this!

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