During winter, our hands are feeling the effects of dry colder air, in addition to the constant hand washing/hand sanitizing, stripping soaps and gloves, our cuticles are in need of a little help to keep our hands moisturized, elongate our manicures and, as a plus, aid with anti-ageing.

Cutie Oils is a Winnipeg-based, cruelty-free cuticle oil company founded in March 2020. Developed by veteran nail tech, Erika Berthelot, on her path of finding a cuticle oil worth getting excited about she created a brand that changes the way we think about dated hand-care products and that is completely aesthetically pleasing.

The cutie oils come in two scents: Mia and Olivine. Mia is a mix of passionfruit and tangerine, with mid notes of pink peony and jasmine. Olivine, on the other hand, is a mix of sweet vanilla, warm amber, with a hint of sandalwood and blackberry. Containing ingredients such as Coconut oil and Jojoba oil for hydration, Macadamia oil for anti-ageing, Meadowfoam oil, Neroli oil, Fragrance oil. TLC. The cutie oils are packaged with sustainability at the forefront. The bottles are made from #7 plastic, which is 100% recyclable.

These scents were created after “client personas” in which Mia has a standing two-week appointment that never gets moved or cancelled. Can be very indecisive over the 5 neutrals in her rotation (including red, the other neutral). And Olivine typically arrives just in time with outlandish tea to spill. Often chooses pink or glitter.

When you are applying your cutie oil, one to two times a day to get better results, make sure your hands are clean, then use the doe-foot applicator (more commonly known as a lip gloss wand) to * massage * the product into your cuties. Pro tip: dab a little on your pulse points to double your Cutie Oil as a fragrance oil.

To check out their aesthetically pleasing Instagram@cutieoils.co, click here and to be part of #thecutieclub and get your cutie oils, click here.