Mixing patterns seems to come back once every few seasons in the fashion world, highlighting different aspects each time that makes it fashionable. Not only that, but many fashion retailers are mixing patterns on a single item of clothing. However, the whole concept can get a little tricky when trying to make it work for your body. Here are three rules to keep in mind when mixing patterns.

1. Stick to a consistent colour
You don’t need to worry about matching patterns but as long as there is a consistent colour throughout your outfit, you will look polished.

2. Vertical and diagonal Stripes are you best friends


These are lines that lengthen and slim you down! Horizontal lines are fun to mix in but be wary of it giving a wide illusion.


3. Invert the colours of the same pattern

Don’t be afraid to to wear two of the same pattern. However, make sure the colours are inverted to give the outfit more depth and not look messy.



Written by: Ania Bessonov

Photos retrieved from Tumblr and Buzzed