As with any month on the tumultuous algorithm of TikTok, artists seek to make their songs reach the top of the For You page.


This month returning faces from the 2000s and 2010s reach the top of TikTok’s algorithm and a song about corn made a kid the corn ambassador of South Dakota.

Super Freaky Girl– Nicki Minaj

Image Credit: Niki Minaj Youtube

As a modern rendition of the 1980s hit Super Freak by Rick James, Super Freaky girl brings Nicki Minaj’s classic sexual and raw energy to the trending rap single.  Emulative of the inspiration from this song, Nicki describes her sexual prowess and attractiveness to her significant other.

Following Nicki’s lead, this song sparked a trend where content creators display their confidence in a variety of ways. From thirst traps and fit checks to storytimes, this sound is used to show users’ confidence, creativity, and wild sides.

Recently released, this song’s massive success is due in no small part to its status as a viral hit on TikTok. With 519.3K videos released under the sound clip, it is evident that the song has made its way onto many people’s radars because of social media.

Unholy– Sam Smith and Kim Petras

Image credit: Sam Smith twitter

Titled  Original sound on Tiktok, this viral sensation of a sound has made waves throughout the Tiktok community. Featuring sultry lyrics and a unique sound, this song inspired two different trends on the Tiktok platform.

Users have been dancing to the sound as usual, but more uniquely, users have begun acting out the lyrics of the song. As the month progressed the song became the ideal choice for anything from thirst traps to music and cooking videos, leading to the  323.4K videos under the song.

With the upcoming September 22nd release of the song, it is yet to be seen how Unholy will fair on the charts. If the song does as well as it did on Social media, however, it will be a chart-topper for weeks or months to come.

She Keeps Me Up– Nickelback

Image credit: Nickelback Youtube

For most of the population, the name Nickelback hasn’t been brought up since the mid-2010s. Yet, in September 2022, the month of returning artists on Tiktok, a Nickelback song released in 2015 has emerged into the spotlight.

Featuring a country funk sound, unusual to Nickelback, this song led to the creation of a country thirst trap trend. On Tiktok this sound is used for Americans or country fans to create dances themed around the sultry lyrics of the chorus. The most prominent of these dances is for a user to flip a  hat onto their head from her mouth and proceed to dance.

With their recent return to social media relevance, Nickelback has a unique opportunity to reach the cultural relevance of its prime. It seems that the band hasn’t taken this opportunity for granted as Nickelback has recently announced the upcoming release of their album Get Rollin on November 22nd.

It’s Corn- The Gregory Brothers

Image credit: TikTok User @abbyaart

Stemming from an interview between Recess Therapy and Tariq the corn kid, Its Corn has made its way onto almost every TikTok user’s “For You” page. Following the classic blueprint of their Schmoyoho youtube channel, The Gregory Brothers autotuned the interview in a similar way to their viral sensations such as Muffin Time and OH MY DAYUM making it an immediate viral sensation.

An autotune song hasn’t seen this level of popularity since The Gregory Brothers’ prime in the 2010s. This song, because of TikTok, reached popularity to the point that Tariq the corn kid has been made the official “corn-bassador” of South Dakota.

It’s Corn may be a phenomenon on its own, or it may bring back youtube autotune songs as a trend into the 2020s.  Regardless the popularity of this song has changed the lives of three different parties permanently.

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