TikTok has a lot of catchy songs that are often used in some of its viral challenges. This 2021, the most trending music playlist came from various pop artists of the century.

If you have heard any of them before, you might be already familiar with what challenges they belong to.

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Here are some trending TikTok songs to add to your playlist:

June Bannon x Felix Gabriel – ‘Here Comes The Boy’

Originally sung by @june_banoon in reference to a cat walking down the street, Felix Gabriel added a little piano melody over the top. Now people are using it for their own pets, boyfriends, celebrity crushes… you name it!

Reba McEntire – ‘I’m A Survivor’

TikTokers are using Reba’s song to soundtrack their own lives or their friends’ lives with captions like, “the friend who gets everyone’s order and tells the waitress,” and “when my family leaves me home alone for two days and I get to pretend I own my own house.”

Bo Burnham – ‘Bezos I’

Bo Burnham’s Netflix special Inside has spawned a number of viral trends on TikTok. This particular song about Jeff Bezos has gone viral, with users using it on videos where they reveal the ways they either earned or scammed money from others.

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Bo Burnham – ‘White Woman’s Instagram’

Another track from Inside. Some TikTok users are proving Bo’s point, by setting the song to a slideshow of images from the Instagram grids of prominent white female influencers.

Malia J – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit

After being used in the opening credits of Black Widow, the Nirvana cover has gone viral on TikTok with Marvel fans using it in their videos about the film.

Spotify Playlist


Others songs are 

  • Easy On MeAdele.
  • STAY (with Justin Bieber)The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber.
  • INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow.
  • Shivers by Ed Sheeran.
  • Hawai’iMeresha.
  • Bad habits Sheeran.
  • Cold Heart – PNAU RemixElton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU.

This playlist is available on Spotify.

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