It is estimated that the average job interview lasts for approximately 40 minutes. That is a lot of time for someone to eye you long enough to make a decision about you, regardless of what your answers are. Traditionally speaking, beauty and attire tips for job interviews was to err on the side of conservative.Today, however, job interview fashion isn’t exclusive to the suite and tie traditions of yesterday. You not only have a little more leeway when closing the deal, but you should also take it. Follow these tips for dressing for a job interview, and you’ll be that much closer to locking in that new job.

Show Your Personality

Your personality matters when you are in a job interview because most companies have the interview to assess you for that purpose. Approximately 60 percent of employers want an employee that will fit in with their company culture, over any other factor in the interview. Come to your interview with your personality, but bring this element into your fashion sense as well.

This is when researching the company culture prior to the interview helps. If the company runs on a business casual atmosphere, and you show up in a bespoke suit fit for Wall Street, they might think you aren’t a good fit. Dress the way the company dresses, but with your personality included. Check out some of the employee profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter to see how they are dressed, and dress accordingly.

Hygiene Matters Today

It may sound like obvious advice, but bring good hygiene to the table. Good hygiene is an important part of good fashion sense, and also of being a good employee. It shows you care about yourself, and the company you want to represent. For job interview dressing tips, all this means is check your clothes over before you put them on.

Make sure there aren’t any holes in the outfit, snags, or stains from last night’s spaghetti dinner. Some people will wear that to an interview thinking nobody will notice. They will notice.

Even if you are going as business casual, make it your personal best. Crisp and clean polo shirts stand out. Spend the half-hour the night before getting it ready. Be sure that any presence of Fluffy the cat on your dark pants stays home that day. If you are a smoker, don’t smoke in your outfit before the interview. One scent could leave an impression that loses the whole thing for you.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident

This is a frequent beauty tip for first dates. Confidence sells. In some jobs, like voice-over or voice acting work, your confidence is the thing they are looking for. A voice-over job for example works with a diverse group of people from many regions and companies in the world. They would have natural confidence during an interview that sells themselves no matter what they are wearing.

Find the area in your own personal sense of self that makes you feel confident in your work. When you feel good about what you are doing, it shows, and what you are wearing seems less important to the interviewer. They’ll hang on your every word.

When There’s a Uniform at Work

If you are interviewing for a location that has a uniform, model that attire a little before you go. If they wear blue polo shirts and tan pants, do something like that for your interview. It tells the company that you understand the clothing requirements, and you look good and fit in with the company.

This is a little different than bringing your personality to fit in. That refers to avoiding office politics. You can show that with your attire by blending in with the company culture and wearing something that makes you look approachable. When you model a uniform, you tell the company you take every part of their policies, that you know about, seriously. Don’t wear identical clothing to the uniform to the interview, but get close enough to send the message.

Dress Appropriately For the Workplace

The Small Business Administration reports that 99 percent of companies in the United States today qualify as small businesses. Keep that in mind. If the attire level is business, dress for business. However, if it is business casual like many small businesses today, dress the part. It’s easy to get this research through some social media lurking prior to choosing your outfit for the day.

Dress For Success

It’s hard to think straight when you are choosing job interview attire. You are worried about remembering all of your resume sales points, and how to tell them you are the best fit for the job. Show them by dressing for success with these handy tips.