With the internationally enforced lockdown measures of 2020, many people seized the opportunity to work toward personal development. Whether they hoped to acquire new skills, get in shape, or focus on their mental health, everyone started to realize that many things are achievable at home with the right equipment. Chefs started looking into professional-grade knife sets, artists set up small home studios, and those who like to stay active started to explore the possibility of building a home gym. The benefits of home gyms extend far beyond social distancing needs, however. Setting up a home gym is great because this way, you get to work out at your convenience, tailor it to your needs, and have all the privacy that you need. 

If you are considering setting up a home gym, here are top amazing workout equipment that will make you see faster results.

Body Gym System

An all-in-one suspension training system could be everything that your home gym and your body need. Suspension training systems are extremely versatile and don’t have to be installed in specialized rooms or environments. You can anchor them to rafters, trees, doors, or even outdoor posts. Regardless of where you choose to set your system up, you can use it to complete a variety of moves, including pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, hinging, rotating, and planking. The exercises that a suspension training system allows you to do mainly target full-body and core strength. You can also check if your system comes with a workout guide or lookup online lists or video tutorials to help you get started. Make sure that the system that you decide on is fitness-trainer approved- you will find many that are.

Heavy-Duty Resistance Bands

Heavy-duty resistance bands are great when it comes to the variety of moves that you will be able to achieve with them, as well as their durability and longevity. Opt for dipped latex resistance bands as this material is typically the most durable out of all resistance bands. A lot of resistance bands also come with safety sleeves that help protect the latex material from harsh weather and UV damage. This sleeve is also designed to keep you safe if the band snaps while you’re using the band, though, this is unlikely with latex resistance bands. You will be able to find awesome bands that offer up to 55 pounds in resistance. This level of resistance will suffice for an average person who wants to make the most out of implementing a resistance band workout in their routine. 

Adjustable Weight Benches

Adjustable weight benches are highly scalable workout material that allows you to exercise several body muscles. They are designed to offer you multiple angles that can help you target different body muscles. They also significantly help with stability, posture, and core strength. If you are new to weight lifting, adjustable weight benches will make sure that you target most body muscles since weight lifting can be challenging at first. They are also multi-purpose workout equipment; not only are they designed for weight lifting, but you can also complete other workout exercises, including calisthenics, push-ups, and core exercises using them. Most weight benches are highly durable, they come with inclined benches and arm curls. Check out a weight bench guide to know more about what you can achieve with weight benches. Many weight benches also come with many adjustments, such as height adjustments, for a more personalized workout experience. 

Guided Workouts Treadmill

Did you know that many treadmills now come with on-demand workout streaming services? These treadmills can allow you to indulge in real-life walks and runs and even grant you access to a personal trainer all from the comfort of your home. These treadmills can come with up to 16000 guided workouts. Thousands of them are shot outdoors at different locations around the world. Whether you feel like running near the Seine in Paris or exploring Costa Rica’s rainforests, such a treadmill will surely take you there. Everyone knows the benefits of a regular treadmill. However, a guided workout treadmill will help you push forward and will make your training session more fun, allowing you to make the most out of your exercise. 

Many people are starting to realize the benefits that come with setting up their own gym. However, making sure that you are choosing the right equipment for your needs can be very tricky. As long as you make sure that all your body’s muscles remain active, and that the equipment is suitable to your current activity level, you will be good to go.