YouTube has been gradually taking over the entertainment industry since its inception. Billions of people have ditched television for this online video platform which has made it easy to discover & stream content of different kinds on their gadgets, just by tapping a few times on the screen. Here are some channels that you should watch, the next time you log into YouTube.

NPR Music 

Popularly known for its tiny desk music sessions, NPR Music is a variety channel with multiple subdivisions like Podcasts, Interviews, Live Concerts, Studio Recordings etc. This is the best catalogue to concurrently discover new artists & stay updated about the most recent news pertaining to them & their careers.

The Richest

This channel has lived up to its name, it boasts a staggering 15 million Subscribers & entices its viewers with famous people’s lifestyles, how they spend their fortune. It also showcases some of the most expensive & extravagant things in the world. In addition to that vision board of yours, watch these luminous videos to draw that very much-needed inspiration to attain wealth.

Master Sri (Eric Ho) 

Having reached millions of people with his stupendous work, Eric is a highly acclaimed spiritual leader in the Law of attraction world. He imparts insightful knowledge on how to effectively conduct the different aspects of this broad philosophy. Are you yearning for guidance & methods that will tremendously transform your life? Then look no further, this channel will add priceless value to you.

The School of Life

Whatever your personal interests, visions or passions are, being a lifelong learner can help you to reach self-actualization. This informative channel goes beyond mainstream teachings, enforces principles that are beneficial to one’s psychological & sociological spheres. With that being said, this channel can be a great extension towards any level of education you possess

Kay Yarms

The idea of beauty is forever shifting & becoming more panoptic than ever. Women of all kinds can now fully embrace their looks & enhance them however way they deem attractive. Kay is a popular & talented beauty influencer who instigates make-up & hair techniques to fellow women. So if you want to glam up your look, this YouTube Black Voicesrecognized creator will sort you out!


It might sound cliché but laughter truly is the best medicine & Kev has been serving huge doses of his jokes on his comedy-orientated channel. We can all do with a bit of amusement every now & again, especially in the face of difficulties. Allow yourself to indulge in this therapeutic space & better approach your follies & have a refreshing perspective on things that surround you. The channel is a wide range of different comic reliefs for your own pleasure. 


We need energy to continually develop & grow, the main source required therein is food. As much as this is a necessity, not everyone knows their way around the kitchen. This world’s largest food platform can help you to learn how to make the most scrumptious recipes your tongue has ever tasted. Everyone can become a good cook with this “mini hospitality institution”, so if you want to improve your cooking capabilities, kindly honour the invitation to this master class.


In a world where inclusivity & diversity is shaky, Joulezy utilizes her channel to encourage individuals to embrace it. She also discusses & demystifies the complex lifestyle topics that affect ordinary people & intersects that with pop culture. Some of the topics she touches on include mental health, technology, relationships to mention but a few. The manner in which she tackles interviews with her guests is intriguing, & leaves you informed about whatever was being unpacked.

Gareth Leonard 

You don’t have to deprive yourself of an experience of the world just because most parts of the world are on lockdown. Mr. Leonard here conducts “Virtual Travels”. He hops between different countries, documents his itineraries, reviews prime parts of those places while giving lessons about their culture & the way it’s native lead their lives.

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