Tori Spelling shares mold warning

The 90210 actress Tori Spelling and her family have been in a constant battle with illnesses and recently found the cause to be due to “extreme mold”.

Spelling posts a photo on Instagram with the caption titled, “Let’s talk about MOLD…”


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How many biological children does Tori Spelling have?

Tori Spelling explains that for months she and her family have been in a “continual spiral of sickness”. The three photos within her post show Spelling and her children at the urgent care centre getting examined. With her husband Dean McDermott, Spelling shares daughters Hattie (11) and Stella (14) and sons Beau (6), Finn (10), and Liam (16). The first photo is a selfie with Beau on Tori’s lap, Finn laying on an examination table and Hattie sitting in the background. The second photo reveals Finn covered in a paper blanket as he lays down on the exam table. Little Beau is in the last picture with a cold compress on his head.

Tori Spelling and her family

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A “continual spiral of sickness”, said Tori Spelling

Tori and her family have been struggling as she explains, “You just keep getting sick, one infection after another. Respiratory infections. Extreme allergy like symptoms too and like my poor Finn skin rashes as well.” The 90210 star felt “something bigger was going on” and that led to the family getting a mold inspection, where “extreme mold” was discovered in their Beverley Hill’s home.

Tori Spelling will vacate her mold-infested home and is currently looking for an Airbnb or Vrbo to stay in the meantime.

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