Why is Blair Featherman video trending? HOLR breaks down the viral TikTok video.

As noted here, a viral TikTok video of a woman- Blair Featherman- who went into a racially charged rant against a Latino family near the pool of a Colorado apartment complex is under fire for her actions and has been called out on social media.

Poolside Karen

Check out a viral video clip below posted by user @peoplesay05 that is making its rounds online in which Featherman is now being dubbed “poolside Karen”:


‘You don’t even know what Hermes [is],’ screamed a ‘Poolside Karen’ who went berserk at a Latino family at a #Colorado condo. According to the #DailyMail , Blair Featherman, 49, was recorded lashing out at the family in the racist tirade, and had to be held down by a man from her own party. This wild-eyed woman is revealed to be an art consultant and #FengShui expert.

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Blair Featherman Video

In the video, the woman- Featherman- can be seen making racist remarks towards a Latino family that she claims was having a pool party. This incident allegedly occurred around July 4th. Featherman can also be heard calling the family “low class” and “trash” during her verbal attack.

Blair Featherman Response

As outlined in this article, the woman is finally speaking out against the viral video, claiming it has been “deceptively edited.” She also came out with the below statement in response to her actions portrayed in the viral video:

“I have been trying to stay silent and not comment about this, but there are things the video doesn’t show. I’m not a racist. It was deceptively edited and put together to tell a narrative that isn’t true.”

She reportedly told the Daily Mail she was approached and denounced first when she claimed that the group was “breaking the complex’s rules.” This is alleged because she claimed they reportedly had too many guests on-site at the pool. However, she then claims that she was provoked into commenting on the situation by one of the members of the group who was “desperate for views” on TikTok and “deceptively edited” the video to seemingly make her look bad.

What do you think about the viral video?

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