Why is Tyre Nichols affair with cops wife Reddit trending?

There have been rumours circulating around the tragic and brutal death of Tyre Nichols online. According to posts on both Reddit and Twitter, Tyre Nichols was allegedly having an affair with the ex wife of one of the police officers who was involved in his senseless murder.

Tyre Nichols affair with Cops Wife Reddit

These claims have not been verified, but according to one Tweet it stated: “Unconfirmed from someone close to MPD stated Tyre Nichols had an affair with one officer’s wife. The officer and his friend tracked him & wanted to beat him up by making it look like the suspect resisting. It got way out of hand. If true, the media is LYING. It was personal.”

Tyre Nichols Cop Wife

As this has not been verified by anyone of authority, it is possible that this is an attempt at “victim blaming” or to fuel a conspiracy theory. We will update this space as we receive more information on the source of this rumour and if it is verified.