Watch Ukrainian Death Ray Video

The Death Ray video titled  “Destruction of Russians with a death ray” on Twitter received over 2.5million views. Ukrainian officer Anatoly Shtefan, shared the clip, which shows Russian soldiers advancing across a field and being struck by an explosion. The russian soldiers then attempt to escape with the wounded survivors but two more strikes hit them killing everyone in site.  Watch the Ukrainian Death Ray video below on Youtube.

Along with the video, Shtefan tweeted, “Whoever comes to our land with a sword will die by the sword.” The weapons used in the attack were called “death ray” due to the thin line of smoke that it leaves in its path of destruction.

The attack resembles the strikes made by smart anti-tank artillery rounds that detonate above the target and fire a metal slug downward while leaving a smoke trail. Looking closer at the smoke trail though, it looks like it leads away from the place of where it hit. Because of that it may be similar to a warhead that’s used is designed to take the force of a blast and convert it into an armor-piercing jet that can cut through solid steel.

People have commented on the missile that delivered the warhead and indicated that it appears to be a Ukrainian-made Stugna-P missile.