A rolled joint, a blunt, or an edible here and there. It’s safe to say that this is what most average cannabis users’ consumption looks like. You’ve heard about dabbing before, but for a long time it may have felt like it’s not for everyone. Well, that’s no longer the case.

Modern cannabis consumption technologies are becoming much easier to obtain. This is because of the legalization of the plant’s use in a growing number of places, and its fading nature as taboo in conversations. 

So, what is dabbing? How does it compare to other consumption methods? Why is it becoming very popular? 

Keep reading to find out why dabbing has been gaining more attention lately. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why it’s becoming the latest trend.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method used to consume cannabis extracts, oils, and concentrations—generally called ‘dabs.’ More specifically, it’s a system of tools that’s used to evaporate these substances to produce vapor. This method of cannabis consumption is said to be among the smoothest and most enjoyable.

A ‘dab rig’ is the tool used to achieve this. It’s typically made of glass and has a metal ‘nail’ to head the cannabinoid product of choice. Dab rigs usually include a water chamber—or water pipe—through which the vapor passes before you inhale it through the mouthpiece. They somewhat resemble a bong.

Traditional rigs require an external heat source to use. In non-electric setups, the nail is usually heated with a blowtorch before being used to evaporate the concentrate. You also get electric nails, an electronically-heated nail you can use with any regular rig. E-Rigs are fully electronic setups that uniquely use electrical components to heat the product—different e-rigs work differently. Either way, the purpose of these tools is to turn your dabbing products into enjoyable vapor.

A Look At Other Consumption Methods

Only edible, topical, and sublingual cannabis products remove the need to inhale vapor. But they’re fundamentally different from what’s being discussed here. These topics belong in a different conversation.

Smoking, vaping, and dabbing all involve inhaling a cannabinoid-filled cloud. Inhalation is, by far, the quickest route to experiencing the effects of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. The three significant factors that make dabbing, smoking, and vaping different are the tools you need, the product that goes in, and the substance that comes out.

  • Smoking

Smoking is one of the oldest ways to consume cannabis. This method involves igniting dried marijuana flowers and inhaling the smoke. Of the three methods, this is the only one that relies on combustion. That said, it’s also the most readily available intake method and often the one that requires the least setup. All you need is a pipe or rolling paper, dried cannabis flower (ground up), and a flame to light it.

  • Vaping

There are two main types of cannabis vaporizers: dry herb vapes and e-liquid vapes. Dry herb vaporizers heat the dried marijuana flower inside an internal chamber. It’s heated to a point where it produces vapor but doesn’t combust. E-liquid vaporizers are typically regular vape devices—you use cannabinoid-infused e-liquids instead of regular e-liquids. The cannabis e-liquid would usually be made in a lab and sold in a store.

  • Dabbing

You’ve already got an overview of how dabbing works. The input and output products of a dab rig are strikingly different from smoking and vaping. You’re essentially inhaling the vaporized cannabinoid concentrate you put in. You’ll find more information on how this results in a better experience below.

How Dabbing Is Better Than The Rest

Quite a strong claim, yes? Dabbing isn’t necessarily always better than other consumption methods. Each method has benefits and may earn a place in your cannabis consumption arsenal. What dabbing may lack in terms of portability (though e-rigs can be relatively portable), it makes up for in terms of the vapor quality and the overall experience as indicated in the following:

  • There’s No Smoke

With the absence of combustion in mind, dabbing results in a purer, cleaner substance. There’s no burnt plant material involved in the process. There’s just pure cannabis concentrate that’s been evaporated by the heat. As a result, dabbing is less harmful than smoking or vaping. Another upside to this is the vapor having a significantly less noticeable odor than the other options. 

  • The Hit Is More Potent

This is one of the most notable reasons dabbing is very popular. If your goal is to feel the strongest possible effects of cannabis, then a dab rig may be precisely what you’re looking for. Of all cannabis inhalation methods, dabbing is generally considered the strongest and quickest to induce an effect. Dab rigs close off the cannabis concentrate with a cap, so all of it is vaporized and available to you. 

  • Better Flavor

The temperature control features that come with many dabbing setups give you great control over your hit. Along with the purity of vapor and natural flavor of your dab, you can fine-tune your experience to deliver flavor in the most enjoyable way.

It’s All About Quality

People enjoy dabbing because it offers an experience you can’t get from smoking, vaping, or any other cannabis consumption method. The hit is cleaner, more powerful, and more flavorful, making dabbing one of the most enjoyable ways to use cannabis for those who value these qualities. 

As cannabis is legalized in more places, the tools needed for dabbing are now easier to obtain than ever before and are, therefore, growing in popularity. A dabbing rig would be a great purchase if you’re a cannabis lover; they also make great gifts for your cannabis aficionado friends.

Published by HOLR Magazine.