Short curly wigs combine the characteristics of a curly wig and a short wig. However, choosing the right type of short curly wig comes with some kind of mastery. You must understand the most suitable face shape, curl pattern, and hairstyle to achieve your desired look. This article will put you in the right direction as we delve into different face shapes and curl patterns suitable for short curly wigs

Table of Content

  • How to choose a short curly wig according to your face shape
  • Different types of Curl patterns
  • Top hairstyles suitable for Luvme Hair: short curly wigs
  • Conclusion

How to Choose Short Curly Wig According to Your Face Shape

If you want a natural and flattering look with a short, curly wig, choose a wig suitable for your face shape. Here is a breakdown of face shapes suitable for short curly wigs: 

Oval Face

The oval face shape is versatile and can work with any wig style. However, you can try different curl lengths and patterns with short curly wigs. Avoid with too much on both sides; it will make your face look wider. 

Round Face

If you have a round face, your choice of wig should be voluminous at the top with less volume on both sides, making your face look longer. In addition, avoid wigs that are too round or voluminous. 

Square Face

Opt for a short curly wig with curls around the jawline, which will help soften your square face shape. You can add layered curls or bangs styles like side-swept. Stay away from blunt bangs or wigs that are voluminous on both sides. 

Heart Face

You can balance your heart-shaped face with short curly wigs that will add width to the jawline. Curly wigs with side-swept bangs can help your jawline look broader. Also, stay away from wigs that are more voluminous at the crown. 

Long Face

Short curly wigs voluminous on both sides will add more width to your long face shape. Also, wigs with loose curls framing both sides of your face are recommended. Wigs with compact or too-tight curls are not an option you should consider. 

Diamond Face

For a balanced effect on a diamond-shaped face, opt for short, curly wigs that are voluminous at the top and wider at the cheeks. You can also soften your angles with wigs, layered curls, and side-swept bangs. Stay away from wigs that are voluminous on both sides. 

Different Types of Curl Patterns

Loose Curls

Loose curls are large, shiny, loose curls that are similar to the size of sidewalk chalk. They are available in different densities and widths; some might look thicker or finer. The texture can depend on the length of the curl. 

Deep Curls

Deep curls are coarse and stronger than loose curls, so they don’t get blown out or lose their definition easily. They retain their curls irrespective of the hair product you apply to them. However, they tend to dry out or get frizzy quickly, so you must moisturize often. 

Kinky Curl

Kinky curls are tighter and not easily blown out than deep curls. They are always packed together to form a thick and natural volume. Kinky curls are about the size of a pencil with a finer texture and tend to dry or break easily. One of the issues you might have to deal with is frizz, so you need to use sulfate-free hair products.

Afro Tight Kinky Curly Hair 

Afro-tight, kinky curly hair has dense and springy S-patterned coils. It is an ideal texture for hair extensions like 4A, 4B, or 4C. Since they retain moisture more than other curl patterns, you can expect them to have less tendency to shrink. However, you need to hydrate them daily to keep them healthy and also retain their bounce. Gels, oils, and some other hair products should be enough. 

Top Hairstyles Suitable for Short Curly Wigs

Short curly wigs are available in different styles, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Below are examples of hairstyles ideal for short curly wigs: 

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are classic and a versatile choice as they allow you to explore different looks. You can create an edgy or playful look depending on the occasion. 

Bob with Bangs

A curly bob with bangs will help you look sophisticated. Choose a bob style that offers a face-framing effect and complements your facial features. For bangs, you can choose curly bangs or side-swept bangs. 

Layered Curls

Layers are known to add dimension and movement to any wig; short, curly wigs are not an exception. This style complements various face shapes and curl patterns, offering a dynamic and textured appearance. 

Finger Coils

This hairstyle helps keep your curls tighter and more defined, offering an eye-catching texture to your short, curly wig. It suits individuals who want to make a bold and fashion-forward statement. 

Tapered Cut

This style will highlight your natural curls and offer a balanced and polished appearance. Tapered cuts are shorter on the sides and back but slightly longer at the crown. 

Side-Swept Curls

You simply need to sweep your curls aside to create this hairstyle. It suits people who want to create an elegant and romantic look. 


Normal is boring; short curly wigs are a great option if you are looking for an exceptional type of wig. These wig types are versatile since you can try them with different curl patterns and explore various hairstyles. This article explored important things about short curly wigs to help you understand them better. You will learn to choose a wig suitable for your face shape and the top hairstyles you can try.

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