It’s time to switch up our makeup to better suit the sunny outdoors! Skin is in, so these looks will put more emphasis on letting your true beauty shine rather than hindering it with what some would consider to be too much. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good dramatic look, but we’ll save that for the next beauty post.

Victoria Secret models have especially mastered the light makeup look that we are dying to copy. Not to mention their stellar genes that surely help, but their approach is something to be taken note of.


Taylor Hill

Taylor is a fan of blush and a lightly tinted chapstick. If she wants to take a simple look up a notch, bottom liner is her go to.


Jasmine Tookes

Jasmines highlight is always poppin. Her lips are also kept hydrated with either or lightly plum tinted product. Her face is perfectly completed with naturally filled in brows.


Sara Sampaio

Sara is not opposed to rocking eyeshadow under her eyes. To keep a youthful glow, she usually ops for a light amount of highlight on her cheekbones.



Who’s springtime makeup look are you most likely to mimic?


Written by: Julia Shelton

Images retrieved from: Instagram