Meadow Walker appearance in Fast X: Vin Diesel and other Fast and Furious stars talked about her presence on the movie set.

Meadow Walker

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In a recent chat with People on Saturday, several Fast X stars talked about how the presence of Meadow Walker on the movie set impacted them.

During the discussion, Vin Diesel spoke about what having Meadow on the movie set meant to him. “It did something to my soul, to see her want to honor her father and to contribute in her own way to his life’s work. It meant everything.” Diesel said.

“It’s everything to us because [Paul’s] memory is never going to die within the franchise, so as long as we’re doing it, we have to maintain that, [keeping his] energy alive.” Michelle Rodriguez added.

Jordana Brewster confessed that “To have her be on set and work her butt off was really, really inspiring.”

Will Fast X be the last?

Fast X

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Fast X is the tenth movie of the Fast and Furious franchise and is expected to be the last part. However, Vin Diesel mentioned in 2021 that the tenth installment of Fast and Furious would be split into two halves. “There’s so much ground to cover and so many places in so many locations that we have to visit.” he said, as noted here.

Fast X Movie Box Office

According to ForbesFast X earned $318 million in sales worldwide during the opening weekend, which means decreased returns compared to previous Fast and Furious movies.

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