Tyla wore a stunning dress to the Met Gala that people can’t stop talking about. 

Tyla Met Gala Sand

According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephwithdadeets, Tyla wore a beautiful form-fitting dress to this year’s Met Gala event. However, it featured some incredible details.


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Tyla Met Gala Dress Designer

Tyla’s look was crafted by designer Balmain, and the look was inspired by the “sands of time” as noted in this related Vogue article. As a result, Tyla turned into a sand sculpture on the red carpet in which she also donned a Balmain hourglass bag to complete the look. The dress truly looks amazing on her as it is perfectly fitted to her body, almost bringing to life the hourglass shape and form.

According to this article, the dress seemingly was made out of sand! Created with three colors of sand and mixed with micro-crystal studs, this piece was one of a kind and perfectly captured the Met Gala’s Garden of Time theme and subsequent dress code.

Tyla Met Gala Being Carried

The “Water” singer also made waves online after it was revealed that she had to be carried up the stairs (because of her form-fitting look) as shown in this clip posted by user @varietymagazine on TikTok.


Tyla is lifted up the stairs at the MetGala.

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