Following last year’s success of the iconic and luxurious Peekaboo ISeeU bag in medium size, Fendi is introducing a new generation in the Peekaboo line with the same bag but in a smaller size! 

Since its creation in 2009, the Peekaboo bag is a unique representative of Maison’s tradition of researched materials combined in particular ways thanks to the triumph of artisan skills and creativity. Using its catchy name “Peekaboo” in reference to the game of hide-and-seek, Silvia  Venturini Fendi “…alludes to the captivating allure of a discreet woman who hides the most precious parts of herself, before a gradual reveal”, with this Peekabo bag.

With its powerful attitude and proportions, this new bag sprinkles the magic of the FENDI  ultimate Icon in a smaller size, appearing in infinite colours and material combinations, including both smooth leather and Selleria leather. The playful mix of colours and textures makes it possible to choose from a range of bags most suitable for you! 

You will find yourself wearing this small bag every day, matching it with any outfit, and all while keeping a smile on your face. Timelessness and elegance, all in one.  

So, shop the Peekaboo ISeeU Small here and get welcomed into the Peekaboo family.  

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