What does the WGAE stand for?

The Writer’s Guild of America East (WGAE) took a step toward a brighter and promising future today with the election of the first of colour female president of WGA East.

And perhaps it might be what the WGA needs in terms of negotiations- fresh eyes and a new perspective.

But first, the newly elected president for WGAE, issued her first statement as head of her organisation.

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen said, “I am honoured to become the next President of the Writers Guild of America East.”

“Even when we negotiate a fair deal with the Hollywood studios — and it is a when, not an if — I know the fight is not over.”

Does this mean Ms Takeuchi Cullen had a plan in place already? could the strike be coming to an end on the WGAE front?

Anyway, her statement continued with a reflection of her goals for the WGAE.

“As the first person of colour and third woman to lead our 69-year-old union, I will continue my career-long push for more equity and opportunities among all storytellers.”

WGA East elects new president

Credit Image: X Account/ WGA East Lisa Takeuchi Cullen

WGA East takes a step toward evolution and equality with the election of Lisa Takeuchi Cullen.

But what are her goals now? how does she plan to handle the negotiations with Hollywood Studios?

Only time will tell but let’s hope we see her deliver on her promises to the storytellers.

What promises Takeuchi Cullen made to the WGA.

Before being elected, Ms Takeuchi Cullen vowed equality, unity, diversity and inclusion.

But how will she deliver those promises? we can’t wait to see where Ms Takeuchi Cullen takes WGA East.

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