What was the point of Squid Game?

Squid Games is a Netflix series about a “secret contest” that pits competitors against each other in a series of deadly games for a multi-million-dollar prize.

Squid Games is now set to become a reality show.

And according to online sources, the series itself is based on a Dystopian style future and the idea of bringing it to reality television had been met with poor response.

While some are excited at the prospect of the popular series becoming a reality show, others are not.

squid games reality show

Credit Image: Netflix/ Squid Games Images

What people are saying about Squid Games as a reality show.

First user said, “Cool cool quick question, did they watch the show????”

“Tell me you don’t understand what ‘Squid Game’ is about without telling me you don’t understand what ‘Squid Game’ is about, said another user.

But other X users took a more negative outlook on the idea, with some suggesting it was exploitative.

“This feels so dystopian,” said one X user.

And another said,

But what do you think? is this idea in poor taste considering the state of today’s economy?

What to expect with the reality series.

While the deadly aspects in the Netflix series won’t be part of the reality series (obviously), the financial draw is.

And people cited Netflix’s recent financial moves and layoffs as a factor in the show’s conception.

Also, one X user outright mocked Netflix for the decision to make Squid Games a reality show.


So, clearly, the idea while not a popular could potentially be the financial boost Netflix needs?

But despite the negativity, there is a general excitement at the idea of becoming part of the show.

One user said, “Down bad. Signing up now.”

Meanwhile, Squid Games: The Challenge set to premier on Nov. 22 on Netflix.

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