New York Palestine Protest Arrests

On Monday April 15th, a mass pro-palestine protest got violent in New York as dozens of protesters were placed in handcuffs. The protest took place near and on the Brooklyn Bridge where traffic came to a standstill as the protest grew increasingly more tense with police in riot gear descending on the area to try to ease the chaos.

Brooklyn Bridge Protest

Photos and videos of the protest near and along the Brooklyn Bridge have been spreading online illustrating the unrest in the area. Some protesters can be seen waving Hezbollah flags and wearing Hamas headbands as they chant ‘Death to America.’ A similar protest took place yesterday blocking the road to O’Hare airport in Chicago, as well as another similar protest in San Francisco, which impacted the Golden Gate Bridge. While some protesters were there to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, others used it as an opportunity to blatantly support terrorism and to show their disdain for the U.S.

Since the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023 at the hands of Hamas, Israel has launched an attack to try and disband and destroy IRGC-backed Hamas, which has led to the deaths of innocent civilians as well.

Death To America Palestine Protest

‘Death To America’ Chants at Palestine Protest New York

During the protest on the Brooklyn Bridge some protesters can be seen lighting the American flag on fire while screaming, ‘Death To America.’ It is unclear at this time, which of the protesters authorities cuffed and arrested but this is just one of a series of protests, which have broken out since Israel retaliated following the attacks on Israel on October 7th. Some of the protestors have also been chanting for a ‘Global Intifada”.

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