Whether you’re in a long meeting at work or you’re on the phone to a friend, you probably find yourself doodling in your notepad. And, while you may think these are just meaningless scribbles, they can actually reveal a lot about your personality – and your love life.

We’re aware that what stems form within our subconscious speaks a lot about our feelings, thoughts, and anxieties. This is done through subtle gestures, eye contacts, and even the doodle’s we mindlessly make on our notebooks when either trying to zone out or better focus.

To find out more, engagement ring experts at Steven Stone, teamed with handwriting expert, Ibaal Honigman, to uncover what the most common doodles really mean.

Here’s what our expert says:

  • Flowers– You are gentle, humble, and always try to see the good in your partner, rather than their flaws
  • Love hearts– You believe in true love and are in search of your soul mate. Romance is a priority for you right now.
  • Boxes– You’re a critical thinker and can often overthink situations in your romantic life. You are often led by your head, rather than your heart.
  • Circles – You like to feel secure and safe. You are often protective of your partner and want to nurture them.
  • Spirals– You are showing signs of frustration. You’re longing to find an answer to a relationship problem  but are struggling to find it.
  • Faces– You love meeting you people and you take interest in their lives.  However, faces with sad eyes and mouths could betray a sense of loneliness.
  • Intricate patterns– You love quirky personalities. You believe you are unique, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself around your partner.
  • Your own name– You are focused on self-love right now. You want to explore your own personality, and perhaps even re-invent yourself.
  • Other people’s names – These are the people who preoccupy your mind… or people you’d like to emulate.



Published on Holr Magazine