Fantasy fans were shocked when news broke that American Gods would not be returning for a fourth season, despite the cliffhanger at the end of the season three finale in March 2021. For four years, we watched the adventures of Shadow Moon as he navigated a world controlled by the New American Gods, which are manifestations of modern technology, such as media and the Internet. The series received praise for its visuals, and it was nominated for two Emmy Awards at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony in 2017.

Yet, despite the praise and the show’s large fan base, American Gods was cancelled in 2021 due to low viewership. According to sources, multi-platform viewership dropped 65% from American Gods’ first season to the third. The figures don’t lie, but based on the reaction on social media when the fantasy series was cancelled, it seems clear that there remains a passionate fan base for the franchise. 

In fact, the show was so popular that there are now rumours of a TV movie. In addition, the series has also inspired various collections of merchandise such as cards, coins and bobbleheads. The far-reaching influence of American Gods can also be felt in the realm of online bingo slots, with Skyrocket Studios the developer of the officially branded, five-reel, real-money video slot that lets players participate in the battle of the Old Gods and the New, just as Shadow Moon does in the television show. The vast range of American Gods-inspired merchandise is a testament to exactly how commercially successful the show is.

That said, we suppose there has been a lot of competition in the fantasy genre over the years, with shows like Stranger Things also coming out at the same time as American Gods. Still, if you’re upset by the cancellation, we have compiled a list of fantasy shows that you might like as well.

The Sandman (TBA)

The Sandman is an upcoming fantasy television series based on a 1980s comic book published by DC Comics. The series will be released on Netflix, and like the comic, the show follows Dream, a fictional superhero who is the personification of stories and dreams. The show is similar to American Gods in the sense that both stories feature eclectic, eccentric characters with a dark twist.

Dream Raider (2022)

If you weren’t watching American Gods for the mythological storyline or the visuals, you were likely watching it for the moody atmosphere and tone. One upcoming series that is projected to have a similar feel is Dream Raider, a Taiwanese sci-fi mystery series. The show takes place in the future, and the story follows a team of cops and scientists trying to solve a criminal conspiracy involving human consciousness. Dream Raider will come out in North America in 2022 on HBO Max.

From (2022)

American Gods also had elements of horror to it, which is why we suggest watching the sci-fi horror television series From when it’s released in 2022. The show will launch on Epix at the end of February, and the story follows an eerie town in America that traps every person who enters it. As the residents try to find a way out, they also have to find a way to avoid the threats from the creatures in the surrounding forests.

American Gods was a one-of-a-kind show. We’re sad to see it go, but the upside is that there are many current and upcoming shows with similar themes, from mythology to horror, that we think you will like just as much. Happy watching!