Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughter, formerly Seraphina, seemingly used a new name in public.

As showcased in this TikTok video posted by user @uncrazed, Affleck’s daughter came forward with their new name during Garner’s father’s funeral service.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 15-year-old daughter, Seraphina Rose, has come out as transgender. #benaffleck #jennifergarner #finaffleck #uncrazed

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Ben Affleck Daughter Seraphina

In the viral video clip, Affleck’s daughter, now a teen, introduces themselves as Fin Affleck before the crowd. This is the first time Fin has publically addressed themselves using their new name. Rumors of Affleck’s daughter transitioning have been swirling online but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Ben Affleck Daughter Seraphina Buzz Cut

Fin was spotted with a buzzcut back in February, as noted in this related article by Daily Mail.

How many biological children does Ben Affleck have?

Fin is 15 years old and has an older sister, Violet, who is 18, and a younger brother named Samuel, who is 12.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Married When

When Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married back in 2022, the couple joined their blended families together. Lopez shares twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony. Some fans are allegedly blaming Lopez’s daughter, Emme, for Fin’s recent appearance and new name as the pair have had an alleged close bond since blending families. As noted here, supposedly, Emme, who is 16 and close in age with Fin, uses gender-neutral pronouns. There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Emme influenced Fin to move forward with using a new name as rumors would seemingly have those believe online.

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