The Purge is a movie franchise in which America embraces the concept of legalising crime for 24 hours, once a year. In this holiday, individuals are allowed to run the streets and commit any crime they desire without any consequence, with the law enforcement and emergency services being suspended for the duration of the purge.

Although the movies are certainly suspenseful and entertaining, it is scary to think about this becoming our reality. In the movies, we see so many people not being able to survive, perhaps because they fail to take the appropriate measures to prepare themselves for this.

In this article, we will advise you of what to do if the purge becomes reality, so that you increase your chances of survival.

Plan Ahead

The very first thing you want to do is to plan for this holiday way ahead of time. In the movies, America is well aware of the purge happening – since this only occurs once a year, you have all year to plan for it. Although in The Purge, most individuals resort to murder each other on the street, if this became reality, only those who are already criminally inclined would be likely to resort to such deeds. Most of us would think about our own safety and that of our loved ones.

Think About Leaving

Since The Purge only occurs in America, if you do not want to take part in it, think about leaving the country for a few days to somewhere less chaotic. This will depend on your financial means, but since you have so much time to prepare for this day, you can save up enough money to travel abroad for a few days on this occasion.

Stock Up On Supplies

If you are unable to leave, as suggested above, we would recommend staying indoors to avoid all the madness and chaos. If you are doing this, then make sure that you have all the supplies you need in order to survive the purge. By supplies we mean enough food and basic essentials as well as weapons in the case you need to protect yourself. The purge may only last for 24 hours, however the aftermath of all the crime will last a lot longer, therefore you need to prepare yourself to stay inside until things resume their normality.

Secure Your Home

Since so many people may be trying to commit crime, stealing and hurting others without any potential consequences for this, if you are staying at home you need to make sure that you are protected and that no one is able to break into your home. In these cases, simply locking the door and all windows may not necessarily be enough to keep criminals out. Investing in high tech security measures is probably the best idea. 

Build Alliances

If the purge becomes reality, we would not be surprised if trust became a thing of the past. It would be okay if you would rather stay home alone and shield yourself from the rest of the world trying to survive the next 24 hours. However, the more people are on your side, the less people may want to hurt you. It may also be reassuring to know that those you love are safe with you, rather than wondering if you will ever see them again. In addition, the more people are with you the more chances of survival you have, particularly if someone tries to break into your home. Make sure that you build alliances with those you trust such as family member or friends that you know will not betray you during the purge.

Avoid Outside

We know that outside will be chaotic and you should not be going out at all. Evidently, your chances of survival will decrease significantly if you leave your house. This is why we discussed previously the importance of stocking up on supplies and securing your home properly, so that you have no reasons to leave.

Do Not Allow Anyone Into Your Home

If there is anything that The Purge has taught us, is that we cannot trust anyone to come into our homes. Psychological studies have shown that any individual is capable of evil, under the right circumstances. This means that even the nicest person can have their own evil agenda during the purge. Only trust your closest family and stay indoors with them until the purge ends.

Even though the concept of the purge in the current society is nothing but an idea for a movie, you can never be too careful. This page should provide you with a clear overview of what to do if the purge becomes reality, to increase your chances of survival on this terrifying night.


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