We’re still rolling in Spring/Summer collections from this year’s runway season. Plus we’ve got celebs giving us life with their looks at the 2021 BET awards red carpet, all this in this week’s fashion news roundup!

Image courtesy of Hermes

Runways Runways Runways

Hermès this season is all about subtlety, detail, and texture. With neat tailoring and unstructured builds leads to a thin, loose and flowy look without being baggy – the perfect summery feel. The emphasis isn’t on being outlandish – the colour palette was decidedly neutral without being muted – but rather on the understated luxury of well curated fashion, with each item adding a hint of natural ease, and of contrast, the meeting of casual and formal, of indoor and outdoor summer wear. This ideal was made manifest in shirts and jackets crafted from multiple materials, patterns lightly perforated through silky shirts, and the sparing use of bright colour in contrasting ombre knitwear.

Image courtesy of Loewe

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Loewe is focused on embellishment and the exuberance of raves and club culture. Everything explodes with neon and glitter. With touches of bouncing layered mesh, loose cuts and bright patterns that streak across ribbed cotton, this collection is all about action and energy. Practically bursting at the seams with the pent-up need to go out and party, this collection is as loud as the music we’ve all been aching to hear as we dance the night away. You bring the music, and Loewe brings the light show.

GmbH’s collection for SS22 was a commentary through clothing on whiteness in fashion. Titled ‘White Noise,’ the collection from the German duo explores styles that had historically been reserved for upper-class white elites – jodhpurs and riding boots, preppy country-club looks, fur wraps, exaggerated sweater vests, and button-up shirts tied country-style – on bodies of colour. The deconstruction of classic white archetypes comes in a tongue-in-cheek nature, with elegant off the shoulder looks crafted from all-American blue denim and paired with baggy grey sweatpants, or knitwear plastered with pseudo-communist crossed-hammers iconography, or ‘free palestine’ insignias giving a poignant note through the campy critiques in the collection.

On the Red Carpet

Image courtesy of Billboard

The Black Entertainment Television, or BET Awards were held in LA, and the red carpet looks the A-Listers were giving us are all we can think about. This was also the first major live awards show since the pandemic, and was themed ‘Year of the Black Woman,” and honoured Queen Latifah with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and featured performances from Migos, Busta Rhymes, and Tyler, the Creator. Tyler also stunted on the red carpet, sporting a fresh red and pink leopard print sweater vest, with board shorts, high socks and loafers, and a vintage luggage box in each hand. Da Baby appeared to rake up the award nominations in a bright yellow cord textured trench coat, paired with patchy black jeans, a massive chain and a handheld fan.

Lil Nas X stole the show however, serving three looks as iconic as he’s become known for. First appearing in a while and blue ensemble that sat somewhere between a deep-cut 3-piece suit and a regency gown, printed all over in blue ink with political and religious imagery. Appearing again in white, this time in a glamorous suit that mixed exaggerated ‘70s opulence (massive lapel, bell bottoms, and huge pocket flaps) with an almost Rococo like floral and beaded filigree that ran up and down the ensemble. Later, the rapper performed in an elevated kitsch take on an ancient Egyption costume with arm bracers, an elegant collar, gladiator boots and of course the gold loincloth.