Aubrey Plaza White Lotus Sag Awards 2023 Reaction Video

A video of White Lotus Aubrey Plaza has gone viral following her unimpressed reaction at the SAG awards. White Lotus won the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series when Aubrey made an unimpressed expression and seemed to mouth, “Jesus Christ.”

Aubrey Plaza SAG Awards Reaction

People on Twitter have come to the actress’s defence, saying that a series of incidents on stage led to Aubrey reacting that way. For starters, Aubrey appeared almost to have a wardrobe malfunction when he jumpsuit top behind to ride up on one of the sides. Her costar whispered something in her ear when she adjusted her top. Then the second thing that seemed to cause her reaction was her almost getting elbowed in the face by a costar.

While the elbow almost hitting her face was an accident, it prompted a natural reaction from her whereby she uttered, “Jesus Christ.” Others came to her defence, saying that the reason she looked uncomfortable on stage was that it was just “Aubrey being Aubrey”. The actress is often known for her deadpan expressions and dry humor during media appearances and press tours.

Watch the video of Aubrey’s reaction below: