New episodes of Love is Blind are set to drop this week, but who does Jimmy reportedly sleep with as Chelsea seemingly alleges in one of the upcoming clips?

Love is Blind Season 6

According to the trailer regarding upcoming episodes for Love is Blind Season 6, we see Chelsea alleging “You f*cked her, and I know you f*cked her,” when talking to Jimmy. She is evidently upset in the same clip.

Does Jimmy sleep with someone while being engaged to Chelsea?

It is unclear as this is just a trailer and no new episodes have dropped yet for Season 6 so we don’t know for certain.

Love is Blind Chelsea

TikToker user @themagicass took to their channel to discuss some predictions related to the upcoming episode clips in this video.

Love is Blind Cast

As the TikToker notes, the hot topic being discussed online right now is whether or not Jimmy seemingly hooked up with someone as Chelsea alleges in the viral trailer. The TikToker claims that they don’t believe Jess and Jimmy sleep together. Jess and Jimmy were dating in the pods and Jess famously confronted Jimmy when he seemingly decided to pick Chelsea over her.

The TikToker alleges that they think Jimmy either slept with another cast member or Chelsea is accusing him of doing something he didn’t do. The comment could also be referring to someone he slept with in the past that we don’t know about yet. Some people in the comment section seem to think that Jimmy allegedly slept with AD- who is engaged to Clay on the show- because of their flirtatious interaction during the group meet-up that left Chelsea feeling “uncomfy.” This is all alleged.

The TikToker also goes into some other predictions for the rest of the season but we’ll have to tune in and watch them to see what really ends up happening!

What are your thoughts on the Love is Blind Season 6 trailer?

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Image Credit: @themagicass TikTok