Why is Benjamin Cohen Sydney Trending Online?

Since the heartbreaking Sydney Mall attack at Westfield in Bondi Beach occurred on April 13th, people are speculating who the attacker was. One of the names that people keep publishing online without any verification is Benjamin Cohen. People on X are posting that a man of Jewish descent named Benjamin Cohen is responsible for the attack but the police have not confirmed a single name yet. The incident took place at Westfield Shopping Centre, where a man believed to be in his 40s walked through the mall with a knife and proceeded to brutally murder 6 people. The man allegedly mostly targeted women and children, with 5 of the deceased believed to be female. Tragically one of the women murdered was a mother whose 9 month old baby was also stabbed and is now in ICU after undergoing surgery. Our hearts are with all of the victims at this incredibly heartbreaking and difficult time.

Benjamin Cohen Sydney

Who Attacked Sydney Mall?

It is unclear where the person that originally wrote that Benjamin Cohen was responsible for the Sydney attack got their information from. However, it is very important to note that no authorities or media outlets have provided the public with a single name yet. The only information that they have released is that a man in his 40s is responsible that was on authorities radar from before for unmentioned reasons.

The original image circulating on X with side by side images of the attacker and a Benjamin Cohen from Sydney led people to speculate it was him but the man pictured was in his twenties with an entirely different hairline and age to the attacker.

The name of the attacker has been revealed as Joel Cauchi from Queensland and not Benjamin Cohen as people were falsely spreading on X today.


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