Jessie J paid tribute to her boyfriend, Chanan Safir Colman, also the singer’s baby father.

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In a recent Instagram story, Jessie J showed her love and gratitude for Chanan Safir Colman, her boyfriend. The singer and Colman share one baby boy, born last month.

In the post, Jessie J showed her appreciation for her baby’s father, opened up about how the two met, and how Chanan Safir has helped her through a challenging period of her life.

“I struggle to keep things private. “I think if you know me, you know that. I want to protect people I love and keep it for myself.” the singer said. “And then so often I think f— it because life is short and don’t want to regret it. Once you open the door, you can’t close it.”

Then, Jessie J addressed the moment she met Colman, which happened weeks after she experienced a miscarriage. “Like a beam of light. He lit up my dark days. It was a whirlwind love and a miracle that we fell pregnant naturally with not one issue during.”

“He didn’t let go of my hand [during childbirth] and I wouldn’t have been able to go through it without him. The calm to my crazy. The peace to my fear. The Daddy to my baby. Thank you.” the singer added.

Who is Jessie J dating now?

Jessie J and her boyfriend in 2022.

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Jessie J and her boyfriend, Chanan Safir Colman, have been dating for at least one year. The rumors about their romance were confirmed in 2022 after they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles. Colman is a 38-year-old basket player. Only a little information has been shared about the couple, as Jessie J mostly kept the relationship private.

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