Joel Cauchi Queensland Has Been Identified As The Sydney Mall Attacker

Authorities in Sydney have released the identity of the Sydney mall attacker. The man responsible for the brutal attack in Sydney on Saturday April 13th is Joel Cauchi from Queensland. Authorities say that Joel Cauchi has a history of mental health issues and arrived in New South Wales from Queensland last month. When he arrived in Sydney, Joel rented a small storage locker.
Who is Joel Cauchi Queensland

Sydney Attacker Joel Cauchi

People on Reddit have posted Joel Cauchi’s alleged Facebook page, which is still available to view on Facebook. While Joel appears to be thinner in the videos than in his Facebook profile, people have been resposting the Facebook profile and claiming that it is him. If it is the correct Joel Cauchi then it appears that Joel was an online English Tutor. The Facebook page also shows that Joel attended Harrison State High School and that last week he messaged in a Bondi Facebook group asking if someone wants to join him for a surf.

The authorities revealed they are still completing the profile for Joel Cauchi but so far, every indication points to Joel having mental health issues and that being the reason for the brutal attack at Westfield Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction. At this time it is unclear if he had any motive.

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